Magazine Luiza’s trainee is constitutional and should be replicated, says MPF

Magazine Luiza's trainee is constitutional and should be replicated, says MPF

Magazine Luiza opened registration for an exclusive trainee program for blacks. In the image, Lu, a virtual woman created to be a kind of store chain mascot

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Magazine Luiza opened registration for an exclusive trainee program for blacks. In the image, Lu, a virtual woman created to be a kind of store chain mascot

The MPF (Federal Public Ministry) released a note on this Friday (9.out.2020) calling it “commendable and incensurable ” the decision of the retail chain Magazine Luiza to exclusive trainee program for blacks.

Note (whole – 205 KB) is signed by the Federal Prosecutor for Citizens’ Rights, Carlos Alberto Vilhena, and by the Public Prosecutor Marco Antonio Delfino, coordinator of the working group to Combat Racism and Promote Racial Equality.

According to the document, “actions aimed at the achievement of objectives and values ​​related to the implementation and materialization of the principle of equality, the foundation of our society, find legal and constitutional support in the Brazilian legal system and must be replicated ”.

The prosecutors argue that, in order to face 1 scenario of absence of black and brown people in command posts, it is necessary to encourage “their presence in higher education and decision-making spaces ”.

They emphasize that there is no support for any statement that the program promotes “reverse racism “, something “that it constitutes a rhetorical fallacy to cover up the privilege that historically contemplates the hegemonic parts of Brazilian society; this misleading argument seeks to weaken the evidence of structural racism ”.

In the document, the attorneys recall that Decree No. 65,810, 1969, establishes that measures that aim toensure adequate progress for certain racial or ethnic groups ” to provide them “equal enjoyment or exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms ”.

Conversely, the inertia regarding the adoption, by the State and civil society, of affirmative actions that seek to promote the material equality of historically vulnerable social groups is what should be considered discriminatory ”, but not three notes.


On October 5, the DPU (Defensoria Pública da União) filed for action against Magazine Luiza’s trainee program. In action (whole – 849 KB), public defender Jovino Bento Júnior states that the retail chain’s initiative “It is a violation of the social rights of other workers”.

The agency requested 1 payment of R $ 10 million in indemnity for collective pain and suffering for “violation of the rights of millions of workers (discrimination on grounds of race or color, preventing access to the labor market) ”.

In a technical note issued on October 6, 11 public defenders who make up the DPU’s Ethnorracial Policies Working Group repudiated the action. The group says that the Bento Júnior position “does not reflect the mission and institutional position of the Public Defender of the Union regarding the defense of the rights of the needy ”. “More than that, it goes against the rights of the vulnerable group whose DPU has an unavoidable duty to defend. ”

Defenders say they will act “alongside the social movements that protect the rights of the black population, seeking the rejection of the initial petition or the rejection of the requests formulated therein, without prejudice to other applicable internal measures ”.


Registration for the 2021 edition of Magazine Luiza’s 2021 trainee program was opened on September 18. The edition is exclusive for black candidates. It is the 1st with this characteristic in the whole country.

According to the company, the objective of the new program is “bring more racial diversity to the company’s leadership positions, recruiting university students and recent graduates from all over Brazil, at the beginning of their professional lives ”.

The program will accept candidates graduated from December from 2017 and who will receive a diploma by December 2020, in any higher education course. It is not necessary to have knowledge in a foreign language or previous professional experience.

Candidates from all over Brazil can participate, as long as they are available to move to São Paulo. If the selected one is from outside the city, there will be 1 change aid. Registration is open until October 12th. Here’s the link for more information.


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