Magic said LeBron has more pressure than Jordan and Isiah Thomas confirmed it

Magic said LeBron has more pressure than Jordan and Isiah Thomas confirmed it

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Los angeles lakers they had the party armed. 90% of people believed that Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the fifth game of the NBA Finals and champions would be enshrined after 10 years. The main architect of what happened would be LeBron James and his last name would be at the top once again. However, the ball didn’t land on the right side of the rim this time and the Heat surprised everyone with an incredible Jimmy Butler.

LeBron did all good: he finished the night with 40 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists. However, Miami prevailed 111-108 over the Lakers and the comments were against James. The main focus, in addition to rude mistake by Markieff Morris that became the JR Smith 2.0, it was why the King did not define the last play of the match and instead chose Danny Green.

Criticisms such as the views in the fifth game of the NBA Finals there have been many and that is why Magic Johnson said he is the player with the most pressure in history, above himself and Michael Jordan. Social media, ultimately, is something he dealt with LeBron throughout his career, a situation that did not exist in the past and everything was limited to other media such as newspapers, TV and radio.

“Michael Jordan didn’t have this kind of pressure, I didn’t have this kind of pressure, Larry Bird didn’t have it either”Magic said in dialogue with ESPN. In addition, he added that this is a pressure that perhaps he had to go through Kareem-Abdul Jabbar, who reached the Lakers after being champion in Milwaukee Bucks and everyone expected him to repeat the same in California.

LeBron James was harshly criticized on social media mainly when left Cleveland Cavaliers to form Big-Three in Miami Heat and also to lose your first NBA Finals in The City of the Sun against the Dallas Mavericks. In 2020, things have not changed and the King will have to deal with the same while trying to succeed with Los Angeles Lakers.

As if Magic’s phrase seemed little, the two-time champion with Detroit Pistons, Isiah Thomashe said something similar minutes later. “When it comes to pressure, nobody has lived up to it and done better over this period of time than LeBron James“. Obviously, both have their points in common.


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