Man runs over and kills ex-mother-in-law in Belo Horizonte

Man runs over and kills ex-mother-in-law in Belo Horizonte

a man 42 years old was arrested for kill run over the formermother in law, 60, on this Friday night in Bairro Paradise, Eastern Region of Belo Horizonte. After the crime, he fled to a church evangelical, where he was found by the police. According to the police report, he said his intention was to kill the victim’s daughter, also 42 years old.

After being arrested, a man was taken to Ceflan I, in Bairro Floresta

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After being arrested, a man was taken to Ceflan I, in Bairro Floresta

The crime occurred around 9 pm. Witnesses told the Military Police (PM) that the elderly woman was at the door when a Hylux pickup truck hit her on the sidewalk. The impact was so strong that the residence gate fell. People said the author was in the direction of the car and then ran away.

The woman was taken by the Mobile Emergency Service (Samu) to the Hospital João XXIII. She was referred to the operating room, but, some time later, her death was confirmed by polytrauma.

During the incident, the military received information that the criminal had called his ex-partner, and that he would be in the parking lot of an evangelical church in Bairro Lagoinha, in the northwest region of the city.

The police went to the scene and found a witness who was at the church and claimed to have seen the man arrive saying that he had run over his ex-mother-in-law. From there, the PM was called. The man was found with the car used in the crime.

According to the military police, the arrested man said he had a relationship with the 42-year-old woman and claims to have discovered that she was a call girl, maintaining an erotic website. Then, last night he went out with a knife to kill her, but ended up finding his mother-in-law first and threw the car at her. The knife he mentioned was in the car. The man was arrested and taken to a Civil Police station.

“Defense of honor”

In this Saturday’s edition, when the National Day to Fight Violence against Women is celebrated, The State of Minas shows the return of a “ghost” who frees aggressors and murderers of women. Rehabilitated by the Judiciary, the thesis of “legitimate defense of honor”, ​​used by aggressors’ lawyers and first presented to a jury in Ouro Preto about eight decades ago, again haunts those who fight for women’s rights – including the most fundamental of them , the right to life. The most recent case involves an attack in the mining town of Nova Era. The 1st Panel of the Supreme Federal Court maintained the acquittal of a man who confessed to trying to kill his ex to stab wounds in 2016, on the grounds of suspected betrayal.


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