Maneuver in chaos. The only certainty is the extension for the Covid case

 Maneuver in chaos. The only certainty is the extension for the Covid case

“Either sugar and plastic taxes are removed or we do not vote for the Budgetary Plan Document (Dpb)”. The statements by the chairman of the Finance Committee of the House and exponent of IV, Luigi Marattin, yesterday evening clearly exemplified the impasse that blocked the government majority on the passing of the Budget law. The decisive Council of Ministers, in fact, was forced to make yet another postponement because the yellow-red coalition did not find the right balance.


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The revenue from the new taxes on non-recyclable plastic wrappers and unsweetened soft drinks is not very high (at full capacity it exceeds one billion euros), but since it would cause an increase in very popular consumer goods it has become the flag of all formations that defend the Italian production system and consumers, without neglecting that its abolition has been repeatedly invoked by Confindustria. The Ministry of Economy has put on the table a “slight postponement”, but eliminating these taxes – from the point of view of Via XX Settembre – is impossible because the approval of the EU Commission to the maneuver and to the Recovery Plan projects also depends on the adoption of measures that show the willingness to implement a green transition, perhaps by taxing those who have greater spending possibilities more.

Another open front with the Renzians is represented by the blocking of injunctions and executive procedures with a simultaneous restart of the tax bills. “At this point for us, as long as there is no overall agreement – explain from Iv – it is no longer worth anything”. The compromise reached at the night summit on the maneuver that took place between Friday and Saturday held up with difficulty. IV and M5s were asking for an extension of the block on tax bills until January, but no agreement was found on the moratorium. Yesterday afternoon, it was the Renzian Minister of Agricultural Policies, Teresa Bellanova, who made the dose. “I believe it is completely unthinkable to think of new taxes at this stage or to activate executive proceedings as if nothing had happened to collect those unpaid,” he declared, placing a mortgage on the majority holding.

Last night, after hours and hours of summits (including a videoconference between the ministers of the Economy, Health and Labor, Gualtieri, Speranza and Catalfo, and the leaders of Cisl, Cgil and Uil) the only compromise still standing concerned the ‘removal from the maneuver of the economic regulations concerning the coronavirus emergency to insert them in a law decree that makes them immediately effective. The provision should include the extension of the Covid fund with an adjoining block on layoffs at least until the end of the year for companies that have exhausted the 18 weeks provided for by the emergency decrees. In the Budget Law, another 18 weeks should be foreseen, to be used in 2021, which can also be requested by companies that so far have not used the emergency shock absorbers, and which will apply with the current mechanism, which provides for the free tool for businesses. that have registered losses of more than 20%. Gualtieri is not enthusiastic about this tiramolla which makes him a sort of punching bag of Confindustria on the one hand and Brussels on the other on this issue. Similarly, the new rules for smart working in the public administration should also be included in the dl. Another issue on which the agreement reached should govern is the single allowance for those with children that will leave next July. When fully operational, the check will cost an additional 6 billion. Another 2 billion will go to cut the tax wedge for income of up to 40 thousand euros gross per year.


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