Marathons in the time of Covid-19. 9000 runners in Budapest

 Marathons in the time of Covid-19. 9000 runners in Budapest

They called them the “surviving marathons“. Those that have been held so far despite the Covid-19 pandemic despite the necessary health precautions. Among these is the Budapest marathon in Hungary, which took place after the government decreed the end of the state of emergency last June. So, a few months late, the sports season has begun-

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  • Zen Circus, dystopia and bewilderment in the video "Hanging from the moon"
    Zen Circus, dystopia and bewilderment in the video “Hanging from the moon”
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    TikTok in Dua Lipa’s video clip: for the first time the platform collaborates on a music video
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  • TikTok and videos of Covid positive people eating: that's why they do it
    TikTok and videos of Covid positive people eating: that’s why they do it
    Among the ascertained symptoms due to Covid 19 infection is the loss of taste and smell. For this reason, many people who tested positive, are filming themselves while they are eating the most disparate foods. On TikTok Shannon Roche and Cammie Cooke have filmed while they taste very strong sauces or drinks usually considered unpleasant … all without ever being able to taste them. Their videos have gone viral and they hope in this way to be able to raise awareness. While it may seem like a minor thing to lose taste for a short period of time, some patients have reported finding this experience more emotionally destabilizing than they could have imagined. Photo credits @ Shutterstock

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On the banks of the Danube, the coronavirus epidemic or bad weather stopped the runners. 9000 professional or amateur marathoners who attended the most important running event of the year.

Marathons and safety measures

All running and trying to keep the distance. There are those who had their personal bottle of water and vitamins, and those who had hand sanitizer gel. A basic rule against the virus. “We measured the temperature of everyone who showed up for the marathon”, said Árpád Kocsis, Head of the organization. “I know it sounds strange but all marathon runners had to wear goggles before the start and after the finish. In the refreshment points everything was sealed, no one could touch anything. This is also the first year in which we have not put the medals around our necks to the winners but have delivered them by hand,”

Sport: help to beat the virus

An unusual but still festive atmosphere. Among the participants, many professional athletes such as the famous handball player László Nagy. The Hungarian long distance runner Gáspár Csere won the 2020 Budapest Marathon, the first since confinement: “I am happy to be able to finish in less than 2 hours and 20 minutes, said the athlete. This is my best result since the 2002 marathon. “

Meanwhile, while the infections do not stop, sportsmen remember that playing sports is always healthy. Just be very careful.


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