‘Marc Coucke is a dictator’

'Marc Coucke is a dictator'

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Entrepreneur Johan Beerlandt resigned from Sporting Anderlecht’s Board of Directors because he had had enough of the ‘dictates of majority shareholder’ Marc Coucke. There is no consensus around a much needed capital increase.

The new bosses of Anderlecht (including majority shareholder Marc Coucke and chairman Wouter Vandenhaute) and historic shareholders (Alexandre Van Damme, Etienne Davignon, Johan Beerlandt) have been at odds for some time now. The outgoing transfer of the great talent Jérémy Doku to Rennes, for an amount estimated at 30 million euros, has further increased the tension a notch. The sale of its young nugget illustrates how Anderlecht is in a difficult financial situation and that the club may have to revise its sporting ambitions downwards.

Johan Beerlandt

Johan Beerlandt

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Johan Beerlandt

Johan Beerlandt and the other minority shareholders have been accused by some of not wanting to cooperate on a financial solution – between the lines: putting fresh money on the table – for Anderlecht. An accusation that the founder of the construction company Besix does not accept. In a press release, he describes Marc Coucke as a ‘dictator’.

‘With unilateral decisions of unacceptable dictatorial management now being used to blame all shareholders, including myself, for the dire financial situation and the forced sale of key players, so there is no nothing else I can do but remove myself as an administrator. ‘

And he adds: ‘I refuse to bear any responsibility or participation in the financial and sporting downfall of the Club, nor in the decision to rapidly monetize top players.’

Increase in capital

Several newspapers reported last weekend that Anderlecht suffered a loss of 36 million euros last season. And the year before, the numbers were also in the red. In order to be able to proceed with a capital increase, the board of directors wants to convince the minority shareholders (who represent around 26% of the shares) to join the project, but in the case of Johan Beerlandt, the management is not there. reached.

On Saturday evening, the Mauves Army supporters club organized a protest action in front of the stadium. Fans were carrying banners against minority shareholders and demanded more clarity from the Coucke-Vandenhaute duo.

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