Marine Le Pen calls on Dupont-Aignan to “work” together

Marine Le Pen calls on Dupont-Aignan to

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The president of the National Rally Marine Le Pen called Sunday Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who declared his candidacy for the French presidential election of 2022, to join her because “it is useless to divide the patriotic voices”.

“Obviously, I call on him to come and work with us,” said Ms. Le Pen in the program Dimanche en politique on France 3, a week after the president of Debout la France, his former ally in the second round of the presidential election. of 2017, announced his candidacy.

“There is not the thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper on 99.99% of our projects,” added the president of the RN, also a candidate, according to whom “we must be reasonable, we must be united, we must be united “.

By maintaining his candidacy, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan would risk “preventing a patriotic candidacy in the second round”, warned Ms. Le Pen, who immediately relativized this hypothesis. “With or without Mr. Dupont-Aignan, we will be in the second round of the presidential election”.

© Provided by Belga

It would also risk “preventing (the RN, Editor’s note), which I believe is more likely as a risk, to arrive at the head”, she added, stressing that “to arrive at the front is very important because it creates a real dynamic “.

Asked about the regional elections, Ms. Le Pen did not rule out the possibility of heads of lists not inserted in the RN. “Perhaps you will have surprises” and “everything is open”, she said, recalling that “we did it at the municipal elections”.

“We are in a strategy of rallying” and “ready to welcome people who would have had a journey made in political movements other than the National Gathering”, she explained.


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