Markieff Morris became the JR Smith 2.0

Markieff Morris became the JR Smith 2.0

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Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat met in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, in a meeting that could mean the ring for the Californian franchise. However, Miami encountered enormous Jimmy Butler who led them to what few thought: victory and extend the series to a sixth game.

LeBron James, desde Cleveland Cavliers to this part, he has had all kinds of companions. Some brilliant sports like Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis, and also others who have made him angry more than necessary. JR Smith will forever be remembered for ruining an NBA Finals game for the Cavs, and now another version has arrived.

Paradoxically, Smith is on the roster of these Lakers, although it was not he who made the blooper of the night, but Markieff Morris. The power forward turned out to be a great help coming off the bench for Frank Vogel and that’s why he almost always ended up closing games. For that reason, he found the most important ball of the night.

The game was one point in favor of the Miami Heat and with 14 seconds left. LeBron James attacked the basket, the spaces were closed and passed the ball to Danny Green who threw an air ball. With the rebound won, Morris had possession with less than 4 seconds remaining, but instead of throwing he tried to find Anthony Davis: instead, he ruled his team’s defeat.

As expected, social networks took care of filling in the surname of Markieff Morris everywhere making it a trend. In addition, several were those who compared him with JR Smith, who this time observed everything sitting on the bench.


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