Meat not to be missed in October: grilled pork

Meat not to be missed in October: grilled pork

Meat not to be missed in October: grilled pork

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Meat not to be missed in October: grilled pork

As the name suggests, grilled pork is a piece to grill. A really famous piece for lovers of well browned but not dry meat. Learn how to choose it and how to cook it!

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How to choose the right grilled pork?

Be careful, when we talk about grilled pork, this is not just any song intended to be grilled. Unfortunately, some butchers sell simple pork steaks cut from the shoulder or the back under this name.

Learn to recognize it: tender and very tasty, the authentic grill is recognized by its long fibers well marbled with fat. It is quite small and is found along the scapula of the pig. So there are two of about 500 g per animal.

How to prepare the grilled pork?

As soon as it is set in the heat of the pan, this recalcitrant piece curls up, and after 3 minutes some parts are almost already burnt while others are barely done.

So, to keep it quiet and flat, you have to entailler the grid surface a few millimeters deep. You can ask your butcher to do this for you if you wish.

In summer, it is readily cooked over the embers of barbecue, but if the weather is less beautiful, grilled pork also likes griddle and the cast iron grill which give it very good taste.

How to cook grilled pork?

On medium heat so as not to harden it, cooked but not too much to keep it juicy. Pork cannot be eaten pink, but it is no longer useful to overcook it as in the past.

As its flavors are pronounced, do not hesitate to marinate it with herbs, for example spanish or sesame. But if you run out of time, a good spoonful of zaatar, this blend of Lebanese spices, gives it an original taste. Accompany it with a sesame, garlic and lemon puree sauce. It changes from ketchup !

Grilled pork in winter: perfect for paupiettes!

And when it’s cold, what do we do with it? This fairly fine and wide piece, very soft, lends itself naturally toa preparation of paupiettes. To do this, split it in the thickness to open it flat then cut it into four.

To garnish, for example, with a slice of cured ham and prunes, or sausage meat, garlic and trumpets of death. Then just roll them into a cylinder, much simpler than the traditional “melon” shape. A twist of the string, and they’re ready to simmer.

The trick for a grilled pork grill!

In marinades, there is often lemon juice or vinegar, but this addition of liquid prevents the meat from grilling well. To avoid this inconvenience, you can replace them with dry spices which provide the same tangy or lemony taste, such as sumac or the amazing Indian mango powder called amchoor.

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