Meeting with the Spanish master perfumer Alberto Morillas

Meeting with the Spanish master perfumer Alberto Morillas



When the great Spanish master perfumer Alberto Morillas lends his talent to GUCCI’s artistic director, Alessandro Michele, it leads to the development of Mémoire d’une odeur and the collections The Alchemist’s Garden and Gucci Bloom.

The last flower in the garden, Gucci Bloom Profumo di Fiori, illustrates the maestria of the one to whom one also owes the famous CK One, Acqua di Giò, Flower by Kenzo and Mugler’s Cologne, and so many others. In 50 years of business, this gentleman perfumer has been able to impose his elegant, fluid and bright style, where imperfection plays an unexpected role.

What lead did Alessandro Michele take you on for the creation of the latest variant of Gucci Bloom?

Alessandro is a true designer, who knows perfumes intimately. It is not at all directive. At each of our meetings in his very private studio in Rome, he contents himself with telling me a memory or expressing an emotion, which I have to transcribe into perfume. This time, he dreamed of a dreamlike garden, where all the flowers would exhale their scents in a lush, natural and unrestrained way.

Hence your radiant composition, where tuberose dominates… Yes!

And yet, it is not an easy flower. She is criminal! (Laughs) I had to associate it with sambac jasmine and musks to remove its bitter side while inflaming its carnal nature. You know, that white flower originally intoxicated the gods. Alessandro immediately adopted it to bring his bewitching garden to life.

How do you explain the spirit of large retro florals that characterizes the Gucci Bloom collection?

This is because Alessandro likes the idea of ​​timelessness in all his creations. He is not at all guided by the so-called marketing trends of the moment. Too bad if one of its perfumes does not please the whole world. Very quickly, he said to me: “Alberto, I don’t want generic perfumes, which smell like duty-free! I want scents of emotions that transport us! ” Both of us seek to create perfumes that make the heart beat faster. Who are not overly calculated. A perfume must have imperfections to be beautiful.

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You who write all your formulas by hand, how many smells do you have in mind?

I have more than 2000, but I work with the 500 whose qualities I know, and I work with new ideas. Perfumery is an eternal renewal.

All in bloom

Nestled in its honey yellow lacquered glass bottle, Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori is a pure floral. Radiant, it celebrates the magnetic union of tuberose and sambac jasmine, exalted by ylang-ylang and sandalwood, in turn escorted by iris butter, benzoin and musk.

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Gucci Bloom Profumo Di Fiori, by Gucci ($ 170 per 100 ml of perfume water;

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