Men don’t like these shoes at all

Men don't like these shoes at all

Every year the latest trends come from the catwalk into the stores. But not all trends are popular. With some shoe trends, men would prefer to run away. The latest shoe fashion is called too colorful, too glittering, too cheap or simply unsexy by men. They just won your heart!


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Unfortunately, there are a lot of women’s shoes that men simply find ugly – and you still feel good about wearing them! We take a look at the trend shoes that have captured your heart, but simply can’t land with men.

UGG boots – good for cold feet

UGG boots originally come from Australia. They have now spread all over the world. They are sure to have arrived in your closet by now. And the friend? He complains every time you put them on. “If UGG boots are designed for cold days, why are you wearing them in the warm office?” You have to listen to these and many other sentences just because you don’t want to have cold feet in winter. But you don’t care what your friends say about UGG boots. No other shoe is as comfortable, versatile and warm as the UGG boots. So you just wear it anyway!

Crocs – the perfect summer shoe

Fetching rolls from the bakery quickly in the morning or walking around in them all day in summer – that’s Crocs. The brightly colored plastic shoes regularly trigger discussions. Women love them, men hate them. Point. There is no in-between, because men simply cannot understand why women wear these shoes. They are infinitely practical, airy and comfortable. You have the feeling that you are walking on clouds and you will never want to miss that again. What does your friend say when you combine a mini skirt with crocs and tights in the fall? No comment! The men’s opinion doesn’t matter anyway!

Ugly sneakers – highlighting style breaks

Admittedly, with the trend around the ugly sneakers the word “Ugly” (in German: “ugly”) is included. But that is by no means a reason to ignore the trendy treads. Ugly sneakers come in combination with elegant dresses, cool skirts and chic vintage looks. Men cannot understand this combination. They wonder why you spend money on expensive clothes and then destroy the look with ugly sneakers. Why do women wear ugly sneakers when they could wear high heels? Quite a few people have already asked themselves this question and the answer follows immediately: Because we can! The challenge is to style the ugly sneakers in such a way that they are unbeatably well integrated into the outfit or stand out. By the way, they are super comfortable and after a long day you don’t want to be without them.

Not only are some shoes unpopular with men, some hairstyles also make them shake their heads!

Loafers – all-rounders for beautiful looks

Even if it’s no real surprise, loafers are also at the top of the list of the most hated women’s shoes. Not a real boot, not a real summer shoe, but much sought after by women. Hardly any woman has no loafers in her closet. They fit wonderfully into business, are super light on the foot on the big shopping tour with your best friend and of course you wear them on date night too. They are versatile and therefore a real all-rounder. They look just as good with a dress and skirt as they do with jeans and shorts. If you ask men how they like loafers, they despair just looking at them. Now you shouldn’t ask any more questions, just wear it. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with it.

High heels with glitter – more is more

The dream of all girls: go to a ball like Cinderella in classy high heels. When the time comes, there is no stopping it. Women often wear meter-high shoes and lots of glitter for big performances. Especially if the outfit is simple, the shoe can get hot. But men just shake their heads at it. Elegant is different, they think, and maybe even right about that. Simple shoes go well with a simple outfit, but when should the exciting ones be worn ?! So you’d rather grab the glittering highlight high heels that take your look to the next level than subordinate yourself nicely. Life is too short for boring shoes!

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