Mexico is reelected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council

Mexico is reelected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council

Mexico was reelected to one of the 15 new seats in the Human Rights Council from United Nations Organization for the period 2021-2023. With 175 votes, Mexico obtained the highest number of support from the candidates of the Latin American and Caribbean Regional Group (GRULAC).

Session of the UN Security Council. (AP)

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Session of the UN Security Council. (AP)

During today’s plenary session, the General Assembly considered the election of the 15 new members of the Human Rights Council (CoDH), for the period 2021-2023. He CoDHAn intergovernmental body within the United Nations system, it is made up of 47 states responsible for promoting and protecting human rights throughout the world.

Through a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Relations reported that “with this election, Mexico will continue to promote initiatives and work to guarantee the rule of law, justice, the empowerment of women and girls, as well as efforts to combat violence. of gender and to eliminate discrimination ”.

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He also reported that “Mexico will continue working to protect the rights of groups in situations of vulnerability and marginalization, such as girls, boys and adolescents; the elderly, women; native populance; migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons; LGBTI persons and persons with disabilities, particularly in the context of the pandemic covid-19.

The 15 new members elected to the Human Rights Council who will begin their mandate on January 1, 2021 are the following: African States: Ivory Coast, Gabón, Malawi y Senegal; Pacific Asia: China, Nepal, Pakistan and Uzbekistan; Eastern Europel: Rusia and Ucrania. GRULAC: Bolivia, Cuba and Mexico. Western Europe and other states: France and the United Kingdom.

Mexico was previously elected to Security Council and the Economic and Social Council, so it will be the first time in history that Mexico participates simultaneously in the three main organs of the UN.


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