Michael Wendler: “Calling me crazy”: Settlement with his manager

Michael Wendler:

Friends and fans are irritated by the statements of the pop star! After this Michael Wendler (48) be DSDS-After Instagram published including conspiracy theories, his manager, Markus Krampe, spoke up with great concern.


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In the meantime, Wendler also has a wife Laura Müller (20) reported to speak. What she had to say to her fans, you can find out in the video above.

Krampe spoke to Comedian on the show “Pocher – dangerously honest” Oliver Pocher (42) and wife Amira (28) about the mental state of Michael Wendler. He spoke of a “human tragedy” and “panic attacks” from which the pop singer is said to suffer. An absolute absurdity for the Wendler! He now spoke up himself – and criticized his manager!

Michael Wendler: That’s how he announces his DSDS-off



You can listen to Michael Wendler’s statement about his surprising DSDS end in the video below.

Michael Wendler finds hard words for his manager

Michael Wendler & Laura Müller: After the DSDS scandal: This commercial is on everyone’s lips



According to the website “promiflash.de”, the 48-year-old is said to have recently announced on a messenger platform: “Yesterday I had a long conversation with my manager who, I think and you think, is unhappy in the Oliver- Pocher-Show on the current situation, about myself. ”

Michael Wendler is well aware that he and Markus Krampe hold different opinions. Nevertheless, according to “promiflash.de”, the pop star is said to have been angry with the public of his manager. The 48-year-old said: “I told him very clearly that it was an absolute no-go to call me crazy.”

Michael Wendler: After days of radio silence: Laura reports back on Instagram



Wendler manager on TV: “Very likely a psychosis”

At the same time, Wendler also revealed that his manager will appear again as a guest on Oliver Pocher’s show. The musician believethat this will relax the current situation a little. What exactly Markus Krampe will talk about is not yet known. What is certain, however, is that Krampe did not mince words in his most recent appearance!

For example, he stated: “A lot of doctors, professors, psychologists and so on have contacted me in the last few days. They explained to me that it was most likely and very, very likely a very strong psychosis that Michael Wendler has right now and that this happens very often with such people. “

Due to his conspiracy theories, Michael Wendler even lost some cooperation partners. A commercial that has since been deleted is shown in the following video:

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