Migrants, in a few hours a barrage of landings in Lampedusa and Sardinia

The landings in Lampedusa continue: over 650 migrants arrived in a few hours

Repeated landings in Lampedusa and Sardinia where, within a few hours, hundreds of migrants arrived with several small boats. Over 700 illegal immigrants have landed on the Sicilian island, mostly Tunisians. All were taken to the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot. The arrival of the quarantine ship Azzurra is expected on Sunday, while Snav Adriatica is already present. The migrants will be boarded after the results of the swabs

Migrants, in a few hours a barrage of landings in Lampedusa and Sardinia | Lamorgese: "No risk on Covid"

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Migrants, in a few hours a barrage of landings in Lampedusa and Sardinia | Lamorgese: “No risk on Covid”

The first landings on Saturday On Saturday, 433 migrants arrived on the island aboard at least 15 small boats. Among them, also women and minors. One of the boats managed to arrive directly on the mainland, exactly at the Madonnina pier. The Carabinieri stopped the Tunisians immediately after landing. The hotspot in the Imbriacola district had been empty for days, after all the migrants had been transferred following the results of the swabs on quarantine ships or transferred to Porto Empedocle.

Sunday 20 landings in Lampedusa On Sunday alone, 20 small boats arrived in Lampedusa, for a total of 353 Tunisians. The patrol boats of the Harbor Master’s Office and the Finance Police intercepted the vessels, carrying from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 81 people. The carabinieri instead intercepted and stopped the migrants of two landings with 11 and 13 people who took place directly at the commercial pier.

From Saturday evening a flurry of arrivals in the South of Sardinia From Saturday evening to Sunday morning, the landings never stopped even in the south of Sardinia. It is also difficult at the moment to establish the exact number of migrants who arrived in the last hours. Eleven foreigners landed during the night on the beach of Is Prunis in Sant’Antioco. Five other Algerians on the advice of the financial police were tracked down by the carabinieri inside the Teulada polygon. Four other illegal immigrants, shortly after 11 pm, arrived independently at the port of Cala Verde in the territory of Pula. On Sunday morning, another 11 Algerians were intercepted by the yellow flames on Campionna beach in Teulada, while another small boat was also spotted by the yellow flames patrol boats 16 miles from Sant’Antioco.

Lamorgese: “No risk for the coronavirus” “It is not the migrants who bring Covid, the numbers are not worrying in relation to the data on the Italian territory”. This was stated by the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese. “We sent soldiers to Sicily not for Covid, but because there were so many arrivals and Sicily bore a very heavy burden – he explained -. From the data from the first reception facilities we know that of the 56 thousand people present only 2.7% is positive”.


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