Mike Wang tells us more about the next-gen NBA 2K21

Mike Wang tells us more about the next-gen NBA 2K21

Mike Wang tells us more about the next-gen NBA 2K21

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Mike Wang tells us more about the next-gen NBA 2K21

Mike Wang, Gameplay Director of NBA 2K21, has spoken about the next-gen version of his basketball game, and there’s a lot to say.

According to him, the gameplay benefits the most from the new hardware. The dribbles would have been reworked and it would be “day and night” compared to before. The signature dribbling styles are still there but everything else would have been changed. Movements should be more precise, while they also worked on realism without the ball and once the ball leaves the players’ hands.

On top of all of this, we can also expect more realistic foot placement, with the new movements better conveying which type of player has the ball in their hands. Emphasis was also placed on the attacker-defender duel during the one-on-one. Another change that could be interesting: that of contacts when playing without the ball, which should make the game more interesting even when you are far from the heart of the action. Likewise, the contacts in the air and on the floor have also been revised in order to offer a more fluid and dynamic experience.

NBA 2K21 – PS5 Next-gen Gameplay Reveal



Regarding the PS5 controller, here’s what Mike Wang had to say:

“For the triggers, we used them to adjust the energy / fatigue balance. As you run on the court, you’ll feel more and more resistance on the sprint trigger as your player gets tired. Same as the post. Dominant players at the post will encounter little resistance pressing L2 against weaker opponents, and vice versa. ”

“Regarding haptic feedback, we used it to focus on collisions and contact in general. The controller will then be able to vibrate at different intensities depending on the strength of the player and the violence of the impact. C ‘It’s great to be able to feel the difference between a little touch and a big one. Plus, it also lets you know when we are asking too much of our players and risk injury as well. ”

NBA 2K21 will be one of the launch titles for the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X next month. For more information on the title, we invite you to take a look at its FAQ and to our test.


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