Minas Gerais court receives complaint against partners of Backer brewery

Minas Gerais court receives complaint against partners of Backer brewery

Upon receipt of the complaint, 11 people became defendants

The death toll from Backer beer poisoning rises to ten

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The death toll from Backer beer poisoning rises to ten

The Justice of Minas Gerais informed yesterday (16) that it had received a complaint against partners and employees of Cervejaria Três Lobos, company that owns the brand of backer beers, the consumption of which caused the death of ten people from poisoning by the substance diethylene glycol.

Upon receipt of the complaint, 11 people became defendants. Of these, three are partners of the brewery. They were denounced for selling draft beer and beer in ways that they knew could be adulterated by the use of toxic substances in their production process and for causing irreparable damage to public health, among other crimes provided for in the Consumer Protection Code.

Another seven company employees, including engineers and technicians, were denounced for manslaughter, culprit bodily injury and omissive attitude, among other crimes. According to the complaint, three of these engineers exercised their profession irregularly, without registration with the Chemistry and Engineering Council.

One person, an employee of an input supplier for the brewery, will respond to the crime of false testimony, for having presented false information during the investigation phase of the case. According to the complaint, he intended to harm the company he worked for after labor disputes.

In addition to receiving the complaint, Judge Haroldo André Toscano de Oliveira, from the 2nd Criminal Court of Belo Horizonte, also removed the confidentiality of the process. From now on, the criminal action will continue with the receipt of the defendants’ written defense, informed the Justice of Mina Gerais.

The complaint had been filed on September 4 by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MP-MG). “The engineers and technicians responsible for the production of beer took the risk of producing adulterated product, unfit for consumption, which came to cause death and serious and very serious bodily injuries to countless victims”, says the indictment, signed by the prosecutor Vanessa Fusco.

The case came to light at the beginning of the year, when several people who had consumed Backer brand labels, which were very popular in Minas Gerais, were hospitalized. In addition to the 10 dead, at least another 16 people were hospitalized, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that “the improper use of toxic products combined with the precarious condition of maintaining the alcoholic beverage production line caused irreparable damage to public health”.

After inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture, it was found that at least 36 batches of beer were contaminated with the toxic substance diethylene glycol, an antifreeze agent that leaked from one of the tanks used in the manufacture of the drink.

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