Modena, new cases of Covid-19 in schools

Modena, new cases of Covid-19 in schools

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Modena, 10 October 2020 – New cases of positivity to Covid-19 have been found relating to people who have attended schools in the province of Modena. In particular, these are: Volta di Sassuolo higher education institute, Guinizelli primary school of Castelfranco Emilia, Tassoni high school of Modena, Volta first grade secondary school of Bomporto.

As soon as news of the positivity is learned, the Usl Company immediately notified the institutes; the Covid school representatives promptly provided the list of students and operators for the necessary communications to families by the Department of Public Health. The students and school workers of the classes concerned are subjected to swabs: due to what emerged from the epidemiological investigation and the recent regional indications, isolation was not arranged for the students of the classes concerned, but the Public Health, in the process of maximum precaution, he ordered the use of the mask also at the counter throughout the institution and for the entire period of health surveillance.

A period of compulsory home isolation is necessary for the students and for some teachers of a class of the Fratelli Cervi primary school in Nonantola and of a class of the Gramsci primary school of Modena. THE checks carried out at the Fratelli Cervi Primary School in Nonantola following a first case (in another class than the one previously subjected to surveillance), highlighted another 5 cases of positivity, while a second case of positivity was identified at the class of the Gramsci primary school in Modena.

By the end of the isolation, a buffer is expected; it is also specified that isolation and a tampon are not necessary for the family members of the persons affected by the measure, who can therefore continue in their daily activities paying maximum attention to prevention measures, nor for the staff and children of the other sections.


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