Monday comes heavy rains and a lot of wind

Monday comes heavy rains and a lot of wind

Rain in Madrid

Rain in Madrid

A cold front from the Atlantic will penetrate from the afternoon of this Monday through the west of the peninsula, with abundant rainfall and strong gusts of wind of componente on.

Thus the stability and high daytime temperatures of the weekend will end, as reported this Saturday by the Meteorology Statal Agency (Aemet).

In this way, this Tuesday and Wednesday it will rain throughout the peninsula, with special force in the western half and in the mountainous systems exposed to the south component winds.

In the westernmost part of the central system, exceed 200 accumulated cubic meters. In contrast, the Mediterranean area will hardly notice the rains.

The Aemet has warned that the wind will also be a element to consider, since they can produce very strong streaks -exceeding 70 kilometers per hour- in large areas of the Peninsula, especially on Tuesday.

These will be more intense in mountain areas, where locally they can pass 120 kilometers per hour. Again, the Mediterranean area will be left out of this situation. Canary Islands it will also be affected by the passage of this Atlantic front, which will leave heavy rain and wind in the archipelago, especially on Tuesday.


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