Morena will request an audit of the INE survey

Morena will request an audit of the INE survey

The national president of Morena, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, said that the party will request an audit of the results of the survey carried out by the National Electoral Institute on the election of the new leadership, after the tie between Porfirio Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado.

Morena will request an audit of the INE survey

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Morena will request an audit of the INE survey

He pointed out that the reduction in the point difference between the candidates was surprising, in reference to the 14-point advantage that Muñoz Ledo had over Delgado a week ago.

He indicated that although he could not say that there was something irregular, there were surprises and “strange” things in the results of the survey, so the participants must be given certainty.

“There were surprises in this poll, in these results, I am very surprised by the amount of acceptance that two colleagues have, above the general secretary (Yeidckol Polevnsky),” he said.

“I think this, as it is difficult to understand and it is also difficult to understand this very sensitive, significant reduction of a survey that was carried out 8 days ago, with which it is delivered today, in particular with regard to the part of the Presidency “.

He considered that for this reason it is very important that everyone in Morena have “perfectly clear” what happened and what results were delivered by each of the three polling houses hired by the INE.

“We want the militancy to know the results of each of the houses.”

The suspicion about the surprising result, he pointed out, would leave her in the internal sphere.

“There are somewhat strange things, but I do not want to get involved in that issue. I have no suspicion of any polling house, I do not have to get involved in contesting results,” he said.

Each person or participant will assess what they consider to challenge, after a more detailed analysis of the results, he added.

He announced that the party will also conduct a mirror survey in the third year on the tiebreaker and that they will ask the INE for a change in the companies.

“That other houses take charge of this last process, for a little greater certainty, greater clarity, more forcefulness in the final result,” said Ramírez Cuéllar.

In a remote press conference, he stressed that there must be clarity about how the final result was built.

He stated that he will immediately seek the president of the Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, to propose the intervention of specialists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute to audit the applied methodology and the results obtained.

Given the uncertainty of when the third survey will be carried out and when the results will be released, he considered that it is necessary for there to be a pronouncement from the INE to stop the proselytism by the party leadership and the onerous spending that has been seen.

He warned that this generated inequity in the Morena process, where there would be no campaign expenses.


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