Morena’s third survey starts this Friday: these are the details

Morena's third survey starts this Friday: these are the details

The process to renew the leadership of Morena, which has caused controversy since the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) ordered that it be defined through an open survey, goes one step further and is nearing its conclusion. During this week, the National Electoral Institute (INE) refined the details to carry out the third measurement: the one that gives the tiebreaker between federal deputies Porfirio Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado, aspiring to lead the party. These are the details of the last phase of the process, which takes place amid accusations and complaints.

Delgado and Muñoz Ledo were the applicants with the highest numbers in the survey coordinated by the INE.

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Delgado and Muñoz Ledo were the applicants with the highest numbers in the survey coordinated by the INE.

When will the survey take place? When will the results be presented? Who will conduct the survey? Parametry. Covarrubias y Asociados. Demotecnia 2.0. The General Council of the INE agreed that the third survey be carried out from October 16 to 22 by telephone. The INE recalled that the preference survey does not count votes, but the support measured in percentages towards the applicants, in this case, Delgado or Muñoz Ledo. The final results of the third survey will be presented to the INE’s Commission on Prerogatives and Political Parties and this, in turn, will make them public on Saturday, October 24. Through a raffle in which five companies participated, it was determined that those in charge of conducting this survey are: In addition, the participation of a group of experts made up of Patricia Romero and Carlos Rodríguez, researchers from the Institute for Research in Applied Mathematics and in Systems (IIMAS), of the UNAM.

What will you ask? What happens if there is a new tie?

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The methodology will be the same as in the second survey: each company will apply 1,500 questionnaires, to add 4,500. UNAM experts will interpret the numbers again to give the final result. Although the INE has not detailed which questions will be asked, the survey is directed at the level of knowledge and sympathy for each applicant. For example, if the respondent has heard of Delgado or Muñoz Ledo and how would he define them. Unlike the second poll, which had 18 questions – since there were more candidates for two positions: national presidency and general secretary – in this one, around five will be carried out per candidate. Whatever the result of the third survey, with a clear winner or a new tie, the INE will send the information to the TEPJF for it to ratify or determine the steps to follow. In the first survey, Muñoz Ledo obtained 41.7% of the preferences, while Delgado reached 27.1%. In the second round – from October 2 to 8 – the results showed a slight advantage for Muñoz Ledo against Delgado: 25.34% by 25.29%. Therefore, a technical draw was declared.

In what context is the survey given? This week, the two candidates to lead the party reported each other to the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes (FEDE). Muñoz Ledo accuses his benchmate of misuse of resources to deploy ‘extremely expensive’ propaganda and advertisements on public roads and social networks. Delgado’s accusation against Muñoz Ledo is for expenses of up to 1.3 million pesos in Facebook advertising. In addition, he has made mention of the accusations against the former president of the Chamber of Deputies for possible sexual harassment. Morena militants, such as the interim leader, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, and the virtual secretary general, Citlalli Hernández, have called for unity within the party.


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