Morenista mayor closes Audi plant in Puebla

Morenista mayor closes Audi plant in Puebla

No, it is not a joke, it turns out that today the Audi plant in San José Chiapa was temporarily closed, Yes, as you read it, the factory where the Q5 is manufactured received stamps that prevented its opening by the municipal government, However, in the end these were not completely placed because the automaker will meet with the State Government to discuss the matter.

Morenista mayor closes Audi plant in Puebla

Morenista mayor closes Audi plant in Puebla

According to local authorities, the action is due to the fact that the automotive firm presents an alleged debt for more than 90 million pesos in local taxes and duties.

According to local media, the mayor initially appeared identified together with allegedly Civil Protection personnel to illegally claim the debt. They also point out that the intervention of the Federal Government has already been requested to mediate in the matter.

As you know, the Audi plant, as well as the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, engaged in a tug of war with the local government to reopen during the pandemic and now the Morenoist mayor of San José Chiapa applies a hook to the liver leading the closure the plant where more than seven thousand people work.

According to reports after several hours of unsuccessful negotiations, the municipal president, Arturo López Vélez used the force of the Municipal Police of San José Chiapa and also of the municipalities of Nopalucan de la Granja and Rafael Lara Grajales to assist in placing the stamps. at the door to claim the 90 million pesos for property, water and other local obligations, but in the end the action did not materialize and in the next few hours authorities of the signing of the four rings will meet with state government officials to resolve the trouble


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