‘Most attacked person in the world’, Meghan Markle explains why she has avoided discussing controversial topics

'Most attacked person in the world', Meghan Markle explains why she has avoided discussing controversial topics

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, said she avoids saying anything “too controversial” for fear of putting her family “at risk”.

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Speaking at a virtual event, Meghan said, however, that she chooses to address “rather simple” issues such as “the exercise of the right to vote”.

Markle also stated that she would not be proud to be a mother if she did not try to make the world a better place for her son.

The duke and duchess recently urged voters in the United States to fight “hate speech”. Prince Harry made these statements in a television broadcast alongside the woman last month, their first joint appearance on TV since they stepped out of their duties as part of the British royal family earlier this year.

The couple also urged American citizens to vote in the country’s next presidential election on November 3.

According to a spokesman for the couple, these comments do not target any candidate or political party, but would be a “call for decency”.

In her appearance at the meeting of the Most Powerful Women of the Next Generation, promoted by Fortune magazine with tickets for more than R $ 70 thousand and only for guests, Markle was asked if motherhood made her be more courageous or cautious.

“It is interesting because my instinct is that it makes you more courageous. (…) It makes you so worried about the world that they will inherit, and so the things that you are able to tolerate are not the same. (. ..) You say every day, ‘How can I make this better for him? How can I make this world better for Archie?’ And this is a belief shared between my husband and me, “she said from her home in the state of California.

“At the same time, I take care not to put my family at risk for certain things, so I prefer to try to be very clear in what I say and not create controversy, but rather talk about things that seem quite simple, such as the exercise of the right to vote.”

Harry, Archie and Meghan now live in the United States

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Harry, Archie and Meghan now live in the United States

And she adds: “As a mother, I can enjoy all the joy, ingenuity and games with my son, but I wouldn’t be proud as a mother if I didn’t know that I wasn’t doing my part to make this place better for him” .

Asked about her opinion about social networks, she compared the apps to an “addiction” for some, which can become “unhealthy”, and added that she has no profile on these platforms as a form of self-preservation.

The duchess closed her personal account on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook four months before marrying Harry. His blog thetig.com closed in 2017.

This month, Meghan said she was the most attacked person on the internet on the internet and that it is almost impossible to survive this.

Since moving away from duties as a member of British royalty, Meghan has spoken publicly about issues such as racism and violence, such as the murder of former black security guard George Floyd in the USA.

The couple gave up their official duties as royal members in exchange for personal and financial freedom. They live in the US today, but remain members of the royal family.

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