Motorhome trip for motorsport fans – with the motorhome to the Red Bull Ring / Styria

Motorhome trip for motorsport fans - with the motorhome to the Red Bull Ring / Styria

The Red Bull Ring in Styria offers first-class entertainment for PS fans. Young and old get their money’s worth at motorsport events and high-speed driving experiences.

In summer, Spielberg is all about high-horsepower events - with Formula 1 as the driving force.

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In summer, Spielberg is all about high-horsepower events – with Formula 1 as the driving force.

A short briefing, one big step into the cockpit of the KTM X-Bow, the steering wheel mounted and the four-point seat belts put on. Everything fits? It fits – with a “Have fun” it goes to the grounds of the Red Bull Ring in the Styrian Spielberg. While many racing circuits around the world are quiet apart from the big events, the “home track” of the Red Bull beverage company presents itself year round as a lively adventure park for fans of gurgling engines, screeching tires and the smell of gasoline.

In the Corona year 2020, the Red Bull Ring was the scene of a multiple premiere: At the start of the season, the Styrians judged two Grand Prizes out – the first “ghost races” in Formula 1 history.

Visitors also get a lot on offer apart from the racing action. In the in-house Driving Center 100 vehicles are available for excursions – from go-karts to off-road buggies, from enduro bikes to Formula 4 cars. If you don’t dare to drive yourself, you can race in a “racing taxi” alongside a professional. Still others get ideas in a lead-and-follow session to get the most out of their own vehicle. Admittedly, you need a big wallet for a fast driving experience. A passenger shell out a good 400 euros for a joyride in the 650 hp NASCAR projectile.

Highly polished Formula 1 racing cars, sports cars and racing bikes are in Welcome Center displayed. Those who book the 90-minute ring tour can get to Race Control and other “sacred” areas of the Formula 1 circus. At the end there is a selfie on the winner’s podium and a lap on the Carrera track, which of course is based on the Red Bull Ring.

Clutter instead of spill – that was also the motto for the landmark of the route: a 15-meter-high steel bull sculpture that stands dramatically on its hind legs. Of the “Bubble“also reminds of another facet of the region, which has been given a lot of impetus by motor sport. Happy cattle graze on the valley floor, while sunflowers stretch their heads into the sky in the field next door. Visitors can also wonderfully shift down a gear here!

Development of the Red Bull Ring

The story behind it sounds like a fairy tale. In 2003 the Austrian Grand Prix was dropped from the Formula 1 calendar. But rescue was near – in the form of Dietrich Mateschitz, who had become the most successful entrepreneur in the Alpine republic with his energy drink. In 2004, the native of Styria (now 76) founded a Formula 1 racing team and, spurred on by Sebastian Vettel’s four world championship titles, gave the order to convert the orphaned course into a real gem of motorsport. In 2014 Formula 1 celebrated its comeback, soon followed by the premier class of motorcycle drivers. Today, tens of thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to the Upper Mur Valley when the aces of Formula 1, MotoGP and ADAC GT Masters battle it out on the 4.3-kilometer route.

The special tip

This can be explored at leisure Obere Murtal from the bike saddle. Rental bikes are available free of charge, including at the Red Bull Ring. In the nearby Zeltweg, the Military Aviation Museum presents historical aircraft from the Alpine republic. Seckau Abbey, on the other hand, shines with art treasures from all eras, and the Benedictines can also make excellent schnapps!

Parking tips

Stay overnight at major events (Formula 1 and MotoGP)

Most of the more than 20 campsites in the vicinity of the ring are only open for major events and are identified by a color coding system (camping BLUE / RED etc.). Characteristics: near farms, within walking distance of the racetrack, parking space on meadow, with electricity, little shade, solid sanitary facilities, sometimes a party atmosphere. Due to access restrictions on race weekends, a minimum stay of several days is generally required. Booking platform for these places below A few more temporary spaces, some a little off the racetrack, are on the platform listed. In any case, long-term reservations are recommended for major events.

Spend the night outside of major events

Paid, quiet parking space for 5 mobiles on the parking lot of the adventure pool on the edge of the Oberweg district in the edge of the forest, about 15 kilometers west of Spielberg. Gravel, level ground. WC can be used during the opening hours of the adventure pool. Reduced admission to the bathroom. 1 km from the city center (shops, bars). Price per night including two adults: 8 euros. Fresh water, disposal of rubbish and gray water (on the forecourt) are included in the room rate. Local tax: 1.50 euros / p. P. Arrival between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Can be used all year round.


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