MP Martine Wonner leaves the BonSens association that she had just co-founded

MP Martine Wonner leaves the BonSens association that she had just co-founded

Martine Wonner in October at the National Assembly.

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Martine Wonner in October at the National Assembly.

Barely a few weeks after having co-founded this “citizen lobby”, very focused on criticism of the management of Covid-19 by the authorities, the member for Bas-Rhin announced that she was leaving to concentrate “on her parliamentary work”.

From eleven founding members to eight. Between yesterday and today, the BonSens association co-founded by MP Martine Wonner lost three of its executives. This “citizen lobby“, Which claims more than 15,000 members, has recently brought together critical personalities vis-à-vis the management of the health crisis (but also a”flagship personality»From a far-right web-TV, or even a pro-Trump YouTuber, as recently told CheckNews).

MP Martine Wonner, from the Libertés et Territoires group, elected under the LREM label in 2017 (and excluded from the majority in May for her refusal to vote for the deconfinement plan) confirms to CheckNews having left the association “for [se] focus on [son] parliamentary work ” : «The news is so heavy [avec l’état d’urgence sanitaire] that I preferred not to disperse myself.The structure is however particularly young: it was registered on September 25 in the national register of associations according to the legal notices.

“The French are lost”

The deputy explained a few days ago that the desire to create the association arose in particular from the many letters it received: “As a parliamentarian, and also as a psychiatrist I think, for several weeks I have been receiving 200 to 300 emails a day. Citizens who say they are lost since confinement. Which require clarification. Initially, there is therefore the realization, with the health crisis, that the French are lost.»

And the association does not have for only health questions. In addition to “citizens’ health“, BonSens intends to organize itself around three other pillars:”Societal health, the health of companies, and the health of the planet.» «Topics arising from the Covid crisis“, But which also largely exceed it, according to Martine Wonner. Who took as an example the citizens’ convention for the climate : «We must arrive at a debate of this type on the management of the crisis, and in particular on generalized hard confinement. It should be understood that we are only at the beginning, at the level of the economic consequences for example.»

The geneticist and former researcher at Inserm (who has dissociated herself from her recent positions), Alexandra Henrion-Caude is no longer among the founding members of the association. She also puts forward an argument of availability: “I did not wish to continue the adventure which would be too demanding in terms of time. I prefer to devote myself to scientific research.The third starter, Jean-Luc Duhamel, did not respond to our requests.

Weigh on the public debate

At the origin of BonSens, authors, business leaders or doctors who often share positions close to those of Didier Raoult, in particular on the treatment protocol based on hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 set up by the director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection, criticize the management of the crisis by the authorities, and intend to influence the public debate.

This is notably the case of Xavier Azalbert, appointed as publication director of the association’s website, and who is also that of the website This businessman, who manages several dozen companies, had indeed bought the old newspaper, before to fire his last four journalists. For several months, the site has taken up the cause of Didier Raoult and his protocol, and has published numerous articles and columns denouncing the government’s policy in the face of the epidemic. Even if it means giving free rein to hazy theories and certain untruths, as noted CheckNews Many times.

Among the founders of the association still presented as such on the association’s website, we also find Christian Perronne, head of the infectious diseases department at the Garches hospital, also fierce contemptor of government policy during the health crisis and fervent supporter of Didier Raoult and his protocol. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, he had become known for his controversial theses on the origin of Lyme disease. Positions that had won him the wrath … by Didier Raoult in person.

Deleted video

This week, the video presentation of the BonSens association published on the channel of another of its members, YouTuber Silvano Trotta (who Explain for example in his videos that the moon is “artificial“And”creuseTo its approximately 170,000 subscribers), has also been deleted. In a new video released Wednesday, he believes he has “made a mistake“By mixing the contents of his YouTube channel and those of the BonSens association:”In my previous shows I often ended up with images from the BonSens association. But what I say in my videos only concerns Silvano Trotta. Silvano Trotta is free to say what he wants, it has absolutely nothing to do with the BonSens association.»


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