Nadal wins his 13th Roland Garros title after defeating Djokovic

Nadal wins his 13th Roland Garros title after defeating Djokovic

Rafael Nadal (AFP)

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Rafael Nadal (AFP)

Rafael Nadal won his thirteenth Roland Garros by beating emphatically in the final a Novak Djokovic 6-0, 6-2 and 7-5, this Sunday under the retractable roof of the track Philippe Chatrier, matching the Historic record of 20 Roger Federer Grand Slam tournaments.

In 2 hours and 41 minutes the Spanish disarmed the Serbian to extend his trophy record in the French capital, where he already has 100 victories and just two defeats since he first won the tournament in 2005.

Three decades later, in the battle for eternity Nadal equals 20 ‘greats’ with his eternal rival Federer, out due to a knee injury, while Djokovic remains with 17.

Nadal has achieved in this autumn Roland Garros, displaced from spring by the pandemic and played with only a thousand spectators a day, the most difficult yet.

Throughout the tournament he had remembered that the conditions were “the worst ever” for his tennis, referring to the “Extreme cold”, to the new balls, “like stones”, and to their lack of filming (three games in six months).

Everything seemed orderly for the Serbian to achieve his second big French after the one he got in 2016. In addition, after a sunny morning, which promised a dry land for the Spanish, just before the game it began to rain and the new retractable roof of the plant had to be closed.

Humidity, rain and roof, the ideal setting for the indoor king Djokovic.

But Nadal tennis said no. It was starting to compete and the elements were left out. Plugged and thin in the legs, with a solid forehand and almost no mistakes, Nadal destroyed an unrecognizable Djokovic, without ideas, who almost did not fight in what was his first defeat in 2020 (not counting the disqualification in the eighth US Open for a hit to a judge).


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