National campaign for recognition of stroke

National campaign for recognition of stroke


The Swiss Heart Foundation is launching its national campaign “Recognize stroke. Save lives” on Thursday. She wants to inform and educate the public to avoid a greater number of deaths and serious after-effects.

This campaign will focus on online media in the form of a spot that highlights the main symptoms of a stroke, the organization announced in a statement released Monday. It is also supported by the Iten-Kohaut foundation and the Swiss Cerebrovascular Society.

The Swiss Heart Foundation claims that very few people know how to recognize the warning signs of a stroke. Quoting a study she did, “35% of those surveyed were unable to name any of the top three symptoms of stroke and 33% did not know the emergency number 144” .

A stroke can be recognized by sudden paralysis of the face, arms, or legs on one side of the body. Difficulty speaking or understanding what is said is also one of the main symptoms of a stroke.

According to the foundation, a fifth of stroke victims die and a third remain disabled in Switzerland because of a lack of awareness of the symptoms and the correct behavior.


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