Navajas apologizes to the prosecutor Stampa for his “extremely unfortunate” statements

Navajas apologizes to the prosecutor Stampa for his

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I dumped some extremely unfortunate manifestations“. The lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court and number two of Dolores Delgado, Luis Navajas, has issued a letter in which he publicly apologizes to one of the anti-corruption prosecutors in charge of the Tandem case Ignacio Press. In the letter, dated October 15, he acknowledges having already done so in private.

I want to state that on September 19 and 21 I was interviewed by journalists in Okdiario and Onda Cero in which I made some extremely unfortunate demonstrations., linked to the professional career of Mr. Ignacio Stampa Fuente, prosecutor in a situation of commission of services in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office “, it is stated in the letter to which he has had access Vozpópuli.

Navajas has called “unfortunate for reckless” the statements he gave to these media. “At that moment, I limited myself to echoing previous journalistic publications that I now know were outright false as for the lord Stampa Font they were referring to, without making the checks to which I was bound by my position, “he admitted.

Claim from tax associations

The lieutenant prosecutor assured ‘Okdiario’ that the link between the prosecutor Stampa and the attorney for Podemos Marta Flor Núñez during the investigation of the Villarejo case he deserved to act because “the tumor must be removed.” “I vomited, we vomited when we found out from the newspapers”, He said. “It gave us a tremendous disgust and I spoke out,” he added.

Letter from Luis Navajas.

© Provided by Vozpópuli
Letter from Luis Navajas.

Also came to announce that he had separated the prosecutor: “As I know, or believe, that this man is administratively on secondment […] what I would have done is to have removed that commission of services and to have sent the prosecutor to his destination, “Navajas said in the interview conducted by the journalist Carlos Alsina.

Navajas made these assertions despite knowing that the State Attorney General he had filed complaints against Stampa up to three times. The head of the Fiscal Inspection, Faust Cartagena, refused to reopen the file against the prosecutor of the Villarejo case, who had been falsely accused of having provided secret information to Podemos. Unlike, Cartagena considers that Stampa’s alleged links with a lawyer from this political formation are mere “conjectures lacking a minimum basis”, as advanced Vozpópuli.

Complaints from prosecutors

At that time, the Association of Prosecutors assured that Navajas should have been more “prudent” when talking about other colleagues. The Independent Association of Prosecutors also censored the words of the lieutenant prosecutor in a press release in which they indicated that the statements did not contribute “to convey an image of unity of action and of absolute independence or autonomy from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the exercise of its functions “.


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