Never again buy the wrong clothes with “Presize”

Never again buy the wrong clothes with

In “Die Höhle der Löwen” founders present sometimes weird and sometimes really clever ideas. Two people from Munich were able to convince the jury with “Presize”

"Presize" istock

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“Presize” istock

It is not only the biggest problem of online trading, but also super annoying for us end consumers: Garments are ordered in the supposedly correct size, but then unfortunately do not fit at all and have to be returned. Or you can order your new favorite jeans in several different sizes in advance. Even if one fits, the other models have to go back. Returns pollute the environment and the shops and are unnecessary. At least this is the opinion of the two founders of “Presize” Tomislav Tomov and Leon Szeli. You want to revolutionize the e-commerce industry!

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How does “Presize” work?

“Presize” – by the way, a clever creation of “precise” and “size” – is software that measures the customer’s body and can even scan it. The cell phone camera of your own smartphone is sufficient for measuring. Once rotated in advance, the software creates a 3D model of the individual body size and shape and can suggest the perfect clothing size. The algorithm naturally learns and gets better and better. Investor Carsten Maschmeyer was enthusiastic and entered the company for 650,000 euros. We hope that many online shops will soon be working with “Presize” so that we can save the environment and our nerves.


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