New normal in Weddings 2021

New normal in Weddings 2021

Jahzeel Pérez, a young man originally from Toluca, State of Mexico, graduated from a hotel and restaurant administration degree with a Bridal Master at the TISOH school, in Las Vegas by the Universidad de las Américas Puebla. He is also a member of the ABC in Latin America and currently works professionally as Wedding and Event Planner, who thanks to his great creativity, personalization and professionalism makes the dreams of couples come true on one of the most special days of their lives.

Recommendations to enjoy your wedding this 2021

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Recommendations to enjoy your wedding this 2021

“Having satisfied customers has been my greatest gift in life, my company is called WE PLANNERS and I am sure many of you already know me.” As we all know, the COVID-19 came to change the dynamics of our life, especially with that related to the love industry, that is why Jahzeel will share with us some wedding trends for this 2021.

Sadly for many, weddings will have to be smaller, with greater care in the cleaning and hygiene of the place and always maintaining a healthy distance between family and friends. Also is true that hours will have to be limitedWell, as good Mexicans, we love long parties, maybe now they last less but surely you will enjoy a good talk and it will be invested in a delicious banquet with new experiences such as: a wine tasting, a board game and the implementation of open spaceshe commented.

These are the 5 most important points to take into account so that you can enjoy your wedding in 2021 without any complications.

1.- Bio Security:

These measures are very important to protect the health of both providers and guests from biological, chemical and physical risks to which they will be exposed. That is why this new normal must cover all the protocols implemented by government agencies and specialized training on the subject. In the future, there will be personnel who must be hired to work hand in hand Wedding Planner safeguarding the work and assistance of all those involved.

2.- Wedding dress:

It is believed that by 2021, simpler and more vaporous dresses will come, pronounced necklines and perhaps even two pieces since many will choose to do weddings only for the civilian or smaller ones.

3.- Wedding furniture and design:

Since weddings will surely be smaller, we can use many fabrics with lighting, both on the ceiling and on the wall, and thus completely change small places, making them more elegant. The trend of different chairs and tables will follow to give it movement and elegance and new chairs will come such as the Justin Metal Gold or black, Hoffman Chair or Eero Chair, among other. The trend will be give it much more elegance and color with fewer guests.

4.- Tones:

Although Pantone 2021 is believed to remain in blue hues, the host or the couple will decide what color they want to give the beautiful touch to that long-awaited day, it is not a rule to have to follow the color of the year, however; metallic and gold colors will remain a must in your event, we suggest you not stop using them.

5.- Venue:

The place will have to be more spacious and ventilated, larger tables with fewer guests.


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