new restrictions in Germany, Spain, Russia and Scotland

new restrictions in Germany, Spain, Russia and Scotland

The closing for 15 days of pubs and restaurants in major Scottish centers threatens to bankrupt thousands of people.

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The stop will last until 25 October: only in certain areas some shops will be able to remain open with a ban on the sale of alcohol, so it is hoped that the measure contains the insidious infection, which does not give up.



Reinforced police checks in Madrid

The Spanish government has decreed one 15 day alarm status with immediate effect for the Community of Madrid.

Road controls are activated for those entering and leaving the city center: under the new restrictions, a maximum of six people can meet in public or in private, also bars, restaurants and gyms will close by 10pm and occupancy will be limited to 50 %.

The deployment of 7,000 agents of Police and National Guard.


In Moscow, the temporary hospitals built to treat Covid-19 patients they reopened coinciding with the record number of new infections, over 12 thousand in 24 hours, of which 4,000 in the capital alone.

The country currently boasts the fourth largest number of confirmed cases in the world, with nearly 1.3 million, with over 22,000 deaths.


In many cities, the critical alarm of 50 new infections per 100,000 residents.

The authorities have introduced a curfew and limited the sale of alcohol in Berlin and Frankfurt to combat the sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

Czech Republic

From 5 October, for 14 days the “sanitary curfew“also in the Czech Republic, with internal gatherings of up to 10 people and outdoor gatherings of up to 20 people.

All cultural and sporting activities have been reduced, but the quota also concerns religious functions, all swimming pools closed.

In Croatia

The Croatian Army mounted tend from the field at the university hospital of the capital Zagreb which will be used for the triage of people in need of health care.

In Croatia too, the containment measures of the pandemic are similar to those of neighboring countries and are commensurate with the size of the populations and the risks of contagion.


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