New road in highlight dog farms

New road in highlight dog farms

Dogs of breeds are used as breeders in under-ladder farms established without permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and female dogs are repeatedly mated with dogs of different breeds. Puppies are sold online before they are weaned. The prices were also among the breeds of dogs that banned the production and cultivation in Turkey goes up to 5-10 thousand euros.

New road in highlight dog farms

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New road in highlight dog farms

The sale of special breed puppies raised in animal production centers at high prices via the internet increased the number of under the stairs farms.

According to Law No. 5996, it is necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the production, sale, shelter and training places of domestic and ornamental animals. However, domestic and ornamental animals are reproduced and offered for sale in under the stairs farms, which are established without the knowledge of the ministry. They are even bred with dogs other than their own breeds in so-called dog farms. While the majority of farms do not follow the programs and rules that must be followed, in ‘animal factories’ female dogs are forced to give birth one after the other. As puppies are weaned earlier than normal, mothers enter a period of heat faster and are mated 3-4 times a year.


It is quite possible to come across these staircase dog farms with thousands of postings and pages on the Internet and social media. It is alleged that some of the so-called producers who did not get permission or license from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry asked for food support to show that they did not receive money while selling the dogs, and then sold these foods to pet shops.

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Cihat Aslan from Milliyet newspaper carried the questions and answers of the business owner, who breeds and sells dogs with the name of “Dog Breeding Farm”.

-I saw your page on Facebook. I want to adopt a Golden Retriever. Do you have it?

Seller: There is no golden right now. I had it a few days ago.

-Understood. Well, do you do the production yourself.

Seller: I have my own private property, my own dogs, and there are dogs that come for training.

– Do you have permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry?

Seller: No not. 60 friends are actively on the field. We have our own dogs. We do training and production. I have a German Shepherd in my hand. I can own one thousand 500 TL.

– If it is not approved by the Ministry, unfortunately I will not be able to get it from you.

Seller: No problem. Our aim is not to make money here. You will say that do you make a profit from selling dogs? If I get 1,500 TL from dog breeding or sales, I spend 5,000 TL.


The dialogue with another farm owner producing Dogo Argentino, one of the banned breeds, on the website called ‘Puppy Production Farm’ is as follows:

-Hello. I would like to buy a Dogo Argentino dog. What are the prices?

Seller: 1,500 females, 2,500 male offspring. We have 1.5 month old puppies. Vaccinations are complete and certified.

-Do you produce it yourself?

Seller: Yes, this is a production farm.

-So, isn’t it a problem to sell 1.5 month old dogs? It is forbidden to be sold before 2 months of age.

Seller: No, it’s not troublesome.

-Dogo Argentinos aren’t among the banned breeds?

Seller: There is no ban. 20 thousand people are feeding Dogo Argentino in Turkey.

– Do you have permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry?

Seller: Brother, we are producing. We have a farm. You are talking blankly.

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Another seller, who owns the dog farm, stated that they do not have Golden Retriever puppies and that they can bring the original to us from abroad for 2-3 thousand euros. The seller, who claimed that he made production and sales approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, said, “We usually bring the Golden Retriever with a personalized order. There are a lot of under the stairs places on the market. Why do I get it from abroad? This is for the reasons you said. We are not able to find purebred golden retriever in Turkey. “It would not be an original Golden for 2 thousand TL.”


Cats are the second most common breed after dogs among the animals that are produced and sold for high money in unlicensed and breeding farms. Cats also a considerable number of farms that in Turkey, bred animals in pet shops are sold at high prices.


Experts draw attention to the excess of under-stairs dog breeding places. The report given to the views of the President of the Council of Turkey Veterinarians Ali Eroglu said:

“Animals should be adopted not through the internet, but through the centers in the municipal care centers and shelters. As we mentioned on Animal Protection Day, because of our unconscious citizens, those who sell animals in such production farms are given the opportunity. Under-the-counter production farms are actually forbidden. But supervision and control are missing. Animal Rights Law could not be revised. If there will be no random production and sales. Practices such as breeding the dog with indexed money will be prevented. Continuous breeding to earn money is cruelty to animals. ”


Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP) President Lawyer Ahmet Kemal Şenpolat gave the following information:

“Anyone can open a farm. Most of them are doing this illegally. Normally, places that can do this do for breed animals, they are also allowed and licensed. But in Turkey, which made for checks and inspections is not cut off since even a fine. Do not think of production farms as plots in the fields. You can buy any animal you want on the Internet by cargo from abroad. In order to reduce the cost, stray dogs are brought to people from abroad by plane, bus and train. These animals give birth, they reproduce. A mother dog is used as a birthing machine in staircase production farms. Most of the animals in the pet shop are that way. ”


The prices of the dogs that are sold varies from seller to seller on social media and on the internet. Average prices are as follows:

Golden retriever: 2 bin TL

Maltese-Terrier: 3 bin 500 TL

German Shepherd: One thousand 500- 4 thousand TL

Rotweiler: 2 am 500 TL

Yorkshire: Bin 500- 3 bin 500 TL

English Bulldog: 6 thousand TL

Dogo Argentino: 2 bin TL


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