New round in the dispute between the old and new “Charmed” stars

New round in the dispute between the old and new

Would love to turn each other into toads: The

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Would like to turn each other into toads: The

The way in which the actresses of the old and new versions of the Witches series “Charmed” for years now, it’s not very magical. Even before the reboot saw the light of day in the US around two years ago, the stars of the original expressed criticism of the reboot. It has since turned into a private Twitter feud between Piper actress Holly Marie Combs (46) and one of the new witches, actress Sarah Jeffery (24).

See the entire original series here.

The new stumbling block is a video that Combs recently posted, in which she and McGowan again tease the new edition. Said Jeffery responded to these statements of the two and wrote on Twitter: “I find it sad and, to be honest, also pathetic that two adult women behave in this way. I really hope that they find joy in other ways than in WOC [Women of Color, Anm. d. Red.] to cut down. I would be ashamed if I behaved like that. “

That, in turn, could not and would not let Combs sit on him and wrote the latest chapter of the dispute to date. On Twitter, she commented on Jeffery’s statements with the words: “That’s bullshit. A lot, obviously. People who […] Making derogatory accusations against a person’s character simply because of a different opinion on a TV show is clearly wrong. “

The chronology of the dispute

Than “Charmed”-Reboot Announced in early 2017, all four of the original’s former stars – Combs, McGowan, Alyssa Milano (47) and Shannen Doherty (49) – had according to “Entertainment Weekly” expressed their displeasure. Combs in particular was annoyed by the fact that the cast of the new edition indirectly said that “the original actresses are too old for a job they did twelve years ago.” Charmed “belongs” to the four of us, the numerous writers and crew members and especially the fans, “is Combs’ conclusion.

Doherty was also annoyed by the description that the reboot was a “brave, funny and feminist” remake of the old series – as if the original hadn’t been all of this. Milano, meanwhile, disliked the fact that she and the other original witches were not involved in the new project.


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