New successful test flight for Amazon boss’s tourism rocket

New successful test flight for Amazon boss's tourism rocket

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The American space company Blue Origin, founded by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, on Tuesday succeeded in a new test flight of its small space tourism rocket, without knowing when the first flight with passengers will take place.

The New Shepard capsule was propelled over the border of space by a small reusable rocket that returns to land vertically, and of which it was the seventh consecutive flight.

The capsule, in which six passengers will one day take place, has reached an altitude of 107 km, according to preliminary data.

Then the capsule came back to land in a cloud of dust in the West Texas desert, slowed down by parachutes. Total flight time: 10 minutes and 15 seconds.

Blue Origin previously unveiled the interior of the capsule: six seats, horizontal backrests, near very large windows, and an interior with neat lighting, equipped with multiple cameras to immortalize the few minutes when the “tourists” float in the cabin to admire the curvature of the Earth.

This summer, competitor Virgin Galactic had also shown the interior of the vessel which is one day also supposed to take private passengers a few minutes to the frontier of space. But neither company has announced the start of commercial flights, which have been expected for years.

In the meantime, Blue Origin is offering customers a test bench for space equipment: on Tuesday, the rocket was used to test devices being developed by NASA to help future astronauts land on the Moon.


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