New supersonic plane will connect New York to London in 3h30

New supersonic plane will connect New York to London in 3h30

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As explained The Parisian, the final version of theplane supersonic called XB-1 could link New York and London in 3 hours 30 minutes, compared to more than 7 with a classic plane. Created by the American start-up Boom Supersonic, the aircraft is in line with the famous Concorde and must be able to reach a speed of Mach 2.2 or about 3200 km / h. It will be able to accommodate between 65 and 88 passengers on board and take them from Los Angeles to Sydney in 6:45. The company said it has raised nearly 87 million euros thanks to the investment of several groups like Airbnb, Dropbox or Google. The price of the plane ticket to get on board could be around 4000 €. For the moment, the plane is not yet ready to take off with passengers and the establishment of a commercial service is planned for the end of the decade. With the health crisis, the development of the aircraft and therefore the tests were delayed. The first test flights are scheduled for the end of 2021 with a 26m long demonstrator (one third of the size of the final aircraft). The goal is to go beyond the sound barrier.

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