No hope for daughter with cancer

No hope for daughter with cancer

As popular doctor and TV star Dr. Johannes Wimmer (37) has now declared that his daughter Maximilia, who is only a few months old, will die.

For the daughter of Dr. Johannes Wimmer there is no longer any hope.

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For the daughter of Dr. Johannes Wimmer there is no longer any hope.

It’s hard to imagine how things are currently in Dr. Johannes Wimmer must look – but what he now told ‘Bild’ at least gives an idea that the pain must be inhumanly great for him and his wife.

After it became known in August that his daughter Maximilia has a rare, aggressive brain tumor and in the pediatric oncology of the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf is treated, the doctor has now to current health of the little ones voiced. She is now no longer in the hospital, but at homewhere she is cared for by her parents around the clock (with the support of a palliative care team and physiotherapists) – and sooner or later she will unfortunately die. “Our journey with Maximilia is coming to an end”, so Wimmer to ‘Bild’.

Learn about another sad fate in this video (article continues below):

After this Fought for the seven-month-old girl for weeks it was now clear that the tumor would come back. So there is unfortunately no hope anymore for Maximilia. “It will be over soon,” said her father. All the more he and his wife, with whom he has another child, try to enjoy the last few weeks together – as best they can.

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As difficult as this fate is, Wimmer tries to remain brave. “Our child will leave with love and with beautiful pictures in their hearts. Cancer will take her life – but it did not win“, he says in an interview with ‘Bild’.

We wish Dr. Johannes Wimmer and his family from the bottom of their hearts a lot of strength in this difficult time!


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