No, there will be no increase in the gasoline tax

No, there will be no increase in the gasoline tax

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Bruno Le Maire has decided, the SP95-E10 will not see its tax increase.

Since Monday, October 12, the finance bill or PLF 2021 is being studied in the National Assembly. Contrary to the promises made by the government, this project planned to increase the tax on fuels according to Le Parisien.

Indeed, we learned that the government would like to increase the tax, also called TICPE (Internal Tax of consumption of energy products) on unleaded SP95-E10, the one containing 10% ethanol.

“The government plans to increase the TICPE by one euro cent per liter over the next two years, at a rate of 0.5 cent in 2021, then another 0.5 cent in 2022” declares Sylvain Demoures, secretary general of the SNPAA and member of the Collective du bioéthanol.

Finally, on Tuesday, October 13, Bruno Le Maire (Minister of the Economy) ruled: there will be no tax change on the SP95-E10!

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There was talk of increasing the tax 0.5 cent per liter in 2021, then 0.5 cent in 2022. This increase was not going to be heavy to bear by motorists, which was not in the opinion of Sylvain Demoures who recalls that the SP95-E10 is gasoline the cheapest (because it is the least taxed) and it is also one of the most consumed by motorists. This increase could bring the State an additional 60 million euros from 2022.

The government wanted to impose the same taxation between the SP95-E10 and the E5, because until now, the SP95-E10 was privileged to facilitate its distribution. This objective has been achieved, its taxation should be aligned with other fuels.

“The difference in taxation between the E5 and the E10, introduced in 2016, was intended to be temporary. It was then a question of favoring its distribution. The objective has now been achieved, since the E10 now represents more than half of consumption, and E5 the other half. respond to changes in European rules planned for 2021 on aid allocated to biofuels “writes Le Parisien.

Source: Capital, The Parisian


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