Novartis separates from 42 medical representatives in Belgium

Novartis separates from 42 medical representatives in Belgium

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The management of the pharmaceutical company Novartis, headquartered in Belgium in Vilvoorde, announced during an extraordinary works council its intention to part with up to 42 members of its team of medical representatives, a she announced Thursday.

This announcement responds “to the evolution of its portfolio of drugs towards more specialized products and the evolution of the health care environment”, according to the pharmaceutical group.

“As part of the information and consultation procedure which is now opening, a proposal to create a new team of 11 employees has been presented to the social partners”, adds the management. This unit “would have the mission of improving both the patient experience and that of the general practitioner in his role of coordinating manager of patient care.”

Novartis employs more than 2,000 people in Belgium, including around 1,500 at its production site in Puurs.


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