“Now Azzolina resign”. The protest “overwhelms” the Minister of Education


While Lucia Azzolina continues, at least in front of the microphones, to flaunt confidence as regards the safety in schools and the proper functioning of the system she manages, the grievances against her continue for the much criticized inadequacy to cover the role of Minister of Education , today more than ever particularly delicate due to the emergency situation in which our country finds itself.


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Today, in fact, thousands of young people from Student Action and National Youth, coming from various regions of Italy, gathered in Viale di Trastevere in Rome to demonstrate right in front of the building where the Ministry of Education is located. With the cry of “Azzolina resign”, the children expressed all their discontent for a management of the school world considered totally inadequate. “From the chaos of wheeled benches to the chicken coop classes, Minister Azzolina has shown that she is not suitable for the role she plays”, Fabio Roscani, president of National Youth, told Ansa.

Some parliamentarians belonging to the Brothers of Italy also joined the protests, including the group leader in the Chamber of Deputies Francesco Lollobrigida, the deputy group leader in the Senate Isabella Rauti, and the vice president of the Culture Commission Paola Frassinetti.

An intervention announced in the morning also through an official communiqué, in which the inadequacy of the role of minister of Azzolina was once again underlined, signed by the deputies Paolo Trancassini, Marco Osnato and Marcello Gemmato: “Students, families and teachers know well the disastrous situation with which they are forced to live every day. We ask for his resignation and for the government to invest in school, infrastructure, security and personnel. Minister Azzolina, as well as Toninelli and Bonafede represent the real failure of M5S to the government “.

“Minister Azzolina is inadequate. The tardiness and confusion of his messages and actions has left students, teachers and millions of Italian families in a panic”, he sank Paola Frassinetti without too many words. The senator’s attack is also tough Isabella Rauti, which reveals that the Brothers of Italy had in vain and repeatedly urged the minister to solve the problem of precarious workers in the school. Azzolina, however, “continues with an illogical competition that mortifies those who have been working in the school for years. An extraordinary competition that from 22 October will further stress the schools and deprive them of teachers engaged in tests, creating further gaps in the staff”. Senator Iannone also adds to the dose on the issue in question, revealing: “We had foreseen all this chaos, but the minister remained deaf to our cry of alarm. Azzolina wasted an opportunity to stabilize our precariousness that has been holding the fortunes for years of the school relentlessly pursuing a scam agreement “.

Francesco Lollobrigida he instead commented on the protests before the microphones of the main national newscasts: “The demonstration of the students of National Youth and Student Action is a cry against Minister Azzolina, the worst minister this Republic has ever had. She left school in chaos, and the burden of the disaster on families “, the group leader told the Fdi Chamber.


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