now Conte ends up under accusation

now Conte ends up under accusation

Ask for a accreditation to the police station and to Chigi Palace to be able to do their work outside the headquarters of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. This is the latest worrying news that has interested – and surprised – journalists busy doing their job in Rome.


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Envoys, as mentioned, are forced to ask for a pass both to the police and to Palazzo Chigi, but not only: they cannot even move from the assigned position. Therefore, the reporter and his troupe cannot move freely around piazza Colonna and via del Corso.

The colleague thought about the restriction Michel Dessi, invited journalist of Stasera Italia di Barbara Palombelli: “From today there is this new rule: the square is closed, so you have to ask for permission to access to do live TV without moving”. “So not only did you have to ask for an accreditation, but do you also have to stay still in a specific point?”, The landlady asked him and Dessì replied: “Yes, the police confined us to this post and we cannot. move for today “. “These are orders that make me shiver,” Palombelli finally commented.

Here are some previews of the episode of #StaseraItalia aired shortly on # Rete4.

We are live from Palazzo Chigi

– Tonight Italy (@StaseraItalia) October 12, 2020 And so, in short, at Palazzo Chigi they decide who can enter and who can’t, who can do their job and who can’t. The fact, of course, did not go unnoticed and, on the contrary, a worried one was ignited controversy for the restriction adopted. For what reason, in fact, should journalists’ access to Palazzo Chigi be limited, thus deciding who can or cannot speak?

He intervened on the case with a straight leg Brothers of Italy, which is making further checks on the reasons for the “strange” choice of Palazzo Chigi, and which has a parliamentary question ready to clarify. “Brothers of Italy find it disconcerting what is happening to reporters and political-parliamentary operators near the squares in front of the Chigi and Montecitorio palaces and documented in the evening during a television broadcast. We want to understand if the government is aware of the facts exposed and what intends to do to remedy such a serious violation of the right of the press and for a complete restoration of any action aimed at guaranteeing freedom of information “attacks Francesco Lollobrigida, parent company FdI in Montecitorio.

The Melonian, therefore, demands clarity and clarification: “Is it true that since yesterday journalists and cameramen are no longer circulated freely despite the display of badges or the ID of the Order of Journalists? Is it true that since yesterday access to squares in front of the buildings of the Institutions is allowed only after accreditation at the press office of Palazzo Chigi and, absolutely unprecedented, at the nearby Police Station? Also to be able to enter Piazza Montecitorio you must ask permission from the Press Office of the Chamber and to the Police Station? And it is true that, once accredited, reporters and operators cannot move freely within the perimeter of the squares, but are forced to remain motionless in a space, a fixed point, which is assigned to them ? “.


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