Now indispensable, masks have arrived at weddings

Now indispensable, masks have arrived at weddings

The traditional pieces of the marriage, like tiaras, veils and ties, are carefully chosen by the bride and groom. But in the current pandemic context, a new accessory makes up the look: More expensive of protection.

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Now indispensable, some masks are being made by designers and artists, especially for couples, companions and guests at a wedding.

“At first, masks were considered a purely medical device, but as they evolved into our new normal, we received an overwhelming amount of messages asking us to create them,” said Hermione de Paula, a bridal designer based in London, in an interview with New York Times. “We think it is very important to help our customers find a solution to still feel beautiful on their most important day.”

They must not just be beautiful or elegant – they must follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and have at least two to three layers of washable and breathable fabric.

In a similar way to that of Hermione de Paula, Andrea & Leo is a Los Angeles company that makes women’s outfits for events such as gala balls and weddings. With the arrival of the pandemic caused by coronavirus, they also started to make haute couture masks.


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At first, the action was scorned by the public, assuming that brides would not want to wear masks on such a special day. But now, brides everywhere have already placed their orders.


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