Nutriscuola, the project of the Biologists Group Association is underway

Nutriscuola, the project of the Biologists Group Association is underway

The Nutriscuola project created by the Biologists Group Association is underway, a free food campaign for the dissemination of proper nutrition in all schools of all levels with particular attention to the Mediterranean diet and the study of its effects on health. The presentation press conference, replaced in the usual manner due to the Covid 19 emergency, will take place electronically via video through the contribution of the patrons who will intervene individually in presence in a face to face with the President of the association and creator of the Dott project. Alfredo Iannello.

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Nutritionist biologist, naturopath, expert in nutraceuticals, sports nutrition and clinical pathologist, he strongly wanted the development of the project and for this he thanks the numerous realities that have wished to support it: “Children can be the vehicle for food education within families then expanding to the whole of society because proper nutrition prevents many diseases “. The project, which will be disseminated in schools and in the field of recreational sports activities, is sponsored by Roma Capitale, Coni, Federfarma, Simi, Sifo, Sinut, ASI, FITETREC ANTE, Associazione Sportiva Donne Galoppo Sella Trotto and by the Institute of High Studies Ssmi Carlo Bo as well as numerous collateral associations such as Lions.

Several authorities wished to be present at the presentation of the project, first including the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina: “The Nutri Scuola Project raises awareness among young people on the importance of proper nutrition and on the impact this has on an individual but also a collective level. There is no doubt, in fact, that a healthy lifestyle helps to prevent multiple pathologies, raises the quality of life of the individual and contributes, in the long term, to reducing the pressure on the National Health System “. Councilor of the Lazio Region Enrico Cavallari commented on the work accomplished as follows: “Proper nutrition also finds expression in the aphorism ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’. For this reason, the meritorious project of the Biologists Group of Rome, which includes the work of Iannello and Biffani, authors of the handbook ‘Nutrition, health and well-being’, represents an important piece, made up of study and training, through which we learn , in a structured way, the care of one’s body and attention to health “.

The opinion of the Councilor Giulio Pelonzi, President of the Group of the Democratic Party of Rome Capital is wide-ranging: “Biologically speaking also means zero-kilometer supply chains, with a significant reduction in pollution, relaunch of small and medium-sized enterprises for the production of food their processing “.

The testimony of Giovanni Malagò who wanted to represent CONI’s support is important: “Making this message our own means giving it strength, becoming vectors of a mission that is a duty for the community and, at the same time, an example for the children. Which must be contextually put in the condition of being able to understand the extraordinary importance of motor practice, through a synergistic axis with the school system “.

A valuable contribution was also made by Senator Barbaro who, representing ASI of which he is President, commented as follows: “The school, in which the pupil builds his identity, is culture in the sense of learning knowledge, but it is also education. To life “.

The Nutriscuola project is supported by the trade association “Gruppo Biologi” and by the nutritional biologists who make it up and who, free of charge, make themselves available in the number of 1 or 2 for the schools of each province to spread the culture of proper nutrition through School Feeder.

In its secondary role as a nutrition school, Nutriscuola also makes itself available free of charge for sports organizations and clubs, CRAL, for the study of the countless effects on health and daily life that a correct nutritional system can have.


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