On the eve of the holidays, the teachers on the knees

On the eve of the holidays, the teachers on the knees

According to the poll published Wednesday, 77% of teachers say they are

According to the poll published Wednesday, 77% of teachers say they are “worried” about the future, and 75% “disillusioned” by the situation.

While the President of the Republic congratulated himself Wednesday on a “successful return”, an OpinionWay poll for the Snes-FSU shows that the state of the troops is rather in “fatigue” and “worry” mode.

Emmanuel Macron, in front of 20 million viewers, Wednesday evening: “I am delighted that we were among the first countries to reopen our classes, that the start of the school year was successful, and I thank our teachers who did a wonderful job. We have to continue this. “ Schools are certainly one of the few places in this country where life most closely resembles the one before. Only 24 establishments (schools, colleges, and high schools combined) were closed because of the Covid last week. The others work, no matter what.

Ever larger offset

But on this holiday eve, the educational teams are on the ball. 82% of middle and high school teachers say they are “Tired”, according to a poll conducted by OpinionWay, published a few hours before the President’s speech, Wednesday. The study, commissioned by the Snes-FSU (majority union of secondary school teachers), was conducted with a representative sample of 500 middle and high school teachers, the week of October 2 to 7. Admittedly, the sample is not very thick, if one relates it to the 800,000 teachers of the country, but the results question. 77% say they are “Worried” for the rest, and 75% “Disillusioned” by the current situation.

However, the great majority of teachers were in favor of returning to class, in the most “normal” conditions possible. The poll shows it: asked about what they remember “In priority of this return”, 30% of them answer tit for tat: “Find your students face to face.” This is the most checked item in the first response … Followed at the sole by this one: “Contradictory information from the ministry.” At the question “What do you think of the health management of the crisis by the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer?” 81% consider it unsatisfactory, of which 47% “Not at all satisfactory”. The survey does not go into more detail, it’s a shame. In the field, when we discuss with teachers, the same criticisms often come up. Starting with this feeling, which does not date from the health crisis, of an ever greater gap between the discourse of politicians on TV and the way in which teachers tinker in the classes, with the means at hand.

“The slightest thing drives you crazy”

“From there, the slightest thing drives you crazy and makes you explode”, told again this Thursday morning a teacher from the Feyder high school in Epinay-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis). Like the state of the sanitary facilities, in its cabinet under construction for three years, which makes it impossible to apply barrier gestures. Or this new controversy over the masks distributed by the National Education which would include toxic components, according to a survey of Reporterre. In addition, fatigue, underestimated, linked to wearing a mask, “To have to shout” for students to hear. Or the galley to have an internet connection in the classes, so that the students, confined to their homes because of contact, can follow remotely. The tension is even more palpable in high schools, with the reform of the bac which is set up in anguish and uncertainty.


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