One in 3 drivers in traffic jams adapts their route

One in 3 drivers in traffic jams adapts their route

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BRUSSELS Once stuck in a traffic jam, two out of three drivers (67%) look for an alternative route. But one in 3 (32%) uses an application on their smartphone for this. People aged 18 to 34 use them more often (44%), while those over 55 are less likely to do so (18%).

For the institute, however, these tools are not a solution. Vias points out that the road network is sometimes so saturated that the problem only moves. “It often happens that users are guided by their applications in places such as residential areas not at all suitable for handling through traffic, which can lead to dangerous situations.”

The time saved, if any, often only amounts to a few minutes. Yet 79% of drivers think they save time in more than half of the cases.

– The adapted mode of transport –

Almost half of Belgian drivers (47%) check the traffic in one way or another before getting behind the wheel, most of them listening to the radio, although those over 55 are more used to it than those over 55. young drivers. Among these informed motorists, one in 5 adapts their mode of transport if there is traffic jams, by taking the train or the bicycle.

– Dangerous changes –

In addition, not using your turn signals and constantly changing lanes of traffic are the behaviors that most annoy other drivers in traffic jams (both 47%). With good reason for the institute, which observes that the more the number of maneuvers increases, the more time users lose.

To pass the time, one in 7 drivers (15%) takes their smartphone in hand. So taking the risk of being distracted and taking longer to restart or not seeing the bikers sneaking around.


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