“One of the Roland-Garros which has the most value in my eyes”


Rafael Nadal:

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Rafael Nadal: “One of the Roland-Garros which has the most value in my eyes”

“It is one of my titles at Roland Garros which has the most value in my eyes”, believes Rafael Nadal, flamboyant winner of Novak Djokovic on Sunday, to afford his thirteenth coronation on Parisian clay, and to equal the record of twenty Grand Slam trophies set by Roger Federer.

“I knew how to adapt”, welcomed the Spaniard, for whom the autumn conditions of the Parisian Grand Slam represented an additional challenge. “Most people see me with the trophy on the platform, and think, ‘Okay, well, he won again. But the reality is that my daily life is much more complicated than that. I know where I’m coming from, I know that after the stop (of the circuit in early March, editor’s note), I experienced very, very complicated months at the physical level, things that nobody knows. The fact of not playing for two months (the time of confinement), it cost me a lot, and it cost me a lot to find a good level in training, so it’s normal to be moved. Having this trophy with me once again means a lot. “

Despite cold weather and heavier clay, which is less suited to his powerful lift, the Ocher of Ocher was able to find the keys to win without losing a single set during the fortnight. “I don’t like to throw flowers at myself but my attitude was almost perfect during these two and a half weeks, from the first training until the final. I never complained, I was never in a bad mood, I always trained with the intensity it takes and trying to see things positively. If I had lost, my analysis would not have been different: my approach to the tournament was very, very good, and my game gained momentum, to finish at a very, very high level, ”analyzed the Mallorcan at a press conference after his 13th coronation at Porte d’Auteuil.


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