Only protecting the elderly from the coronavirus is not a solution

Only protecting the elderly from the coronavirus is not a solution

The virologist Christian Drosten calls for uniform rules in the corona pandemic.

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The virologist Christian Drosten calls for uniform rules in the corona pandemic.

If Germany lets the corona virus run free, more younger mothers and fathers will also be at risk, warns the virologist Drosten. In more than half of the cases, the source of the infection has not yet been clarified.The virologist Christian Drosten has clearly spoken out against the idea of ​​concentrating only on protecting the elderly and other risk groups in the corona pandemic, while the rest of society is returning to everyday life.

On the one hand, it could not be possible to completely shield the elderly, said the Charité scientist in the current episode of the ‘Coronavirus Update’ at NDR-Info.

On the other hand, there are not so few risk patients in the younger age groups.

If you let the virus run through in the younger age groups, there would be many infections at once and you would also come to the limits of medicine, so Drosten.

But then it is about a patient type with a different social perception: “Young families would also lose their father or mother.”

That was “a completely different consequence and you just can’t let that go through like that,” emphasized the virologist.

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The background is an open letter from three scientists from the USA and Great Britain who speak out against population-wide measures – other experts have already contradicted them.

In addition, Drosten emphasized his demand for uniform rules in the pandemic: That Coronavirus will spread more and more geographically, accordingly local measures would have “less and less penetration” over time, he said.

It is all the more important now to “formulate general standards” and not to chase after the events. There is now a “very rapid event” in the country.

Even in the theoretical case of an absolute lockdown, the number of cases rose for another week or two, explained the virologist. The people who will be reported as infected next week would have been infected by now.

Drosten again appealed to people – in addition to adhering to the aha rules – to keep a so-called cluster contact diary. One should ask oneself: “Where have I been today, where I was actually not very comfortable?”

It is about meeting a group in a closed room, without sufficient distance, for example in a restaurant or at work. Among other things, this should help in the event of an infection to find the situation in which you are likely to have been infected – as may other participants.

Often people could not remember such dangerous situations seven to ten days ago, so Drosten. The reporting statistics give the impression that the infections come from family celebrations and households.

In more than half of the cases, however, the source of the infection cannot be explained, he said. He hopes that the records will also make people aware of how to avoid such situations.

“Because it is also not the case that politicians can regulate every little situation in everyday life and preferably separately for each state,” he said.


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