Oppositions to the State Administration can be done from the UNED

Oppositions to the State Administration can be done from the UNED

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Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Oct 17 (EFE) .- The Minister of Public Function, Carolina Darias, presented this Saturday the premiere of the decentralization of the access tests to the General State Administration, which can already be done from the centers of the National University of Distance Education (UNED).

“Today is one of those days when politics is comforting”, said Darias after presenting this innovation, which seeks to guarantee territorial cohesion and equal opportunities and which 319 (35%) of the 927 enjoy on this day opponents who perform the first exercise of the entrance examinations to the body of civil administrators of the State

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Malaga, A Coruña, Valencia, Vitoria, Palencia, Cantabria, Madrid and Ceuta are some of the 23 cities that host the first test of these oppositions on this day, which will be read on the next 3 November, not necessarily in the same place, since the opponent is given the option to carry it out in another center of the UNED, the minister stressed.

The rector of the UNED, Ricardo Mairal, has celebrated that this academic institution can contribute through this initiative to continue bringing education to all people, as it does from its 61 national centers and the 14 that operate abroad, where they carry out, he said, a million exams a year, which allows them to reach even the personnel of the Armed Forces assigned to frigates.

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Carolina Darias has admitted that this was one of the legislative commitments that the covid-19 pandemic “has accelerated”, in such a way that it has been possible only two months ago.

“It is about advancing the territorial and social cohesion of the country and bringing the action of the Government of Spain closer to all territories because what happens in every corner matters,” he asserted.

Darias has stated that, sometimes, innovation is not only found in the private initiative, but can be promoted from the public sphere based on good practices carried out in other areas, a requirement that has highlighted the impact of this pandemic, “which has made the value of the public essential”.

The minister has stressed that this initiative sees the light of the purpose of the department that she directs to “promote access to public employment and attract talent to the Administration.”

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The rector of the UNED, Ricardo Mairal, has claimed the vocation of closeness to society that this entity has, which also intends to align itself with the Sustainable Development Goals, since it is convinced of the benefits of inter-institutional cooperation.

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