Our Lady of Pilar is celebrated today, October 12

Our Lady of Pilar is celebrated today, October 12

Our Lady of Pilar is celebrated on October 12, as it has emerged from some documents of the thirteenth century that are preserved in the cathedral of Zaragoza, dates back to the time immediately after the Ascension of Jesus Christ, when the apostles preached the gospel.

Virgen del Pilar has been proclaimed as the patron saint of Hispanidad. Photo: Special

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Virgen del Pilar has been proclaimed as the patron saint of Hispanidad. Photo: Special

Pope Clement XII set this date for the particular feast of the Virgin of the Pilar, but already centuries before, in all the churches of Spain and among the peoples subject to the Catholic king, the happiness of having had the Mother of God in your region when he was still living in mortal flesh.

People say that Santiago el Mayor had landed on the Peninsula through the port of Cartagena, where he founded the first Spanish diocese, preaching since then in various territories of the country.

The documents say verbatim that Santiago, “He arrived with his new disciples through Galicia and Castilla, to Aragon, where the city of Zaragoza is located, on the banks of the Ebro.

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There Santiago preached many days and, among the many converts, he chose eight men as companions, with whom he dealt with on the day of the God’s Kingdom, and at night, he would walk along the banks to take some rest ”.

Our Lady of Pilar, who still lived in mortal flesh, askedhe Apostle to have a church built there, with the altar around the pillar where he stood and promised that “this site will remain until the end of time so that the virtue of god work wonders and wonders through my intercession with those who in their needs implore my patronage ”.

The Virgin disappeared and the pilar.

The people’s devotion to Our lady del Pilar is so deeply rooted among the Spaniards and since ancient times, that the Holy See allowed the establishment of the Office of the Pillar in which the appearance of the Virgen del Pilar is recorded as “an ancient and pious belief.”

It is worth mentioning that, the day October 12, 1492 It was precisely when the three caravels of Christopher Columbus they sighted the unknown lands of America, which has motivated that the Virgen del Pilar has been proclaimed as patron saint of Hispanidad, constituting the best symbol of union between the peoples of the old and new continent.


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