“Our life has not stopped, but let’s protect ourselves by giving ourselves limits,” says the immunologist


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AGI – “I cannot impose anything on my children. I rely on their very developed sense of responsibility. However, zero risk does not exist for anyone”. Thus begins in an interview with Corriere della Sera Antonella Viola, one of the leading Italian immunologists, the only woman from the Northeast with a role in the organization of European molecular biologists, professor of Pathology at the University of Padua.

So Viola dictates the rules: “Our life has not stopped – he says -, we try to protect it by giving ourselves limits. At home we do not invite more than 2-3 guests at a time, well spaced at the table, the chats at the end of dinner with a mask on. We only take it off between the 4 of us, me, children and husband. The boys attended parties with friends who were swabed. We avoid gatherings and air flights. Let’s go to the restaurant with due care “.

However, Viola assures that “zero risk does not exist” and explains that “if I wear the surgical mask and remain closed for several hours in a room in contact with a contagious individual, in turn protected, I could still get infected”. Further measures, then? According to the immunologist from Padua, “the Ffp2 mask with filter can be used on means of transport” while “during ordinary activities, even the cloth mask is fine, if washed every day”.

In any case, he confirms, “the epidemic situation is worrying, the numbers are growing and we must act in all ways trying to keep the contagion curve flat“. Then Viola assures that” the key lies in diagnostics “. That is,” great advantages will be linked to the availability of molecular salivary swabs which, for their ease of handling, allow to test people who otherwise could escape as children and people with difficulties, for example autism .

Also very important are antigenic rapid swabs“but” no one thinks of replacing them with the traditional ones, but they can be very useful in certain contexts such as schools and universities where quick answers are needed “, he concludes, asking young people” to be very careful “because” a positive work colleague or girlfriend is enough less careful to put them in danger “.


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