Paris soon to cut half of its parking spaces

Paris soon to cut half of its parking spaces

Paris circulation

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Paris circulation

To compensate for the loss of these parking spaces, the town hall is counting on underground parking lots.

Freshly reelected at the head of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo intends to continue what she had started during her first term, by giving more space for pedestrians and cyclists in the streets of the capital and a little less for motorists. After a passage, almost ratify, of all the streets of the capital at 30 km / h instead of 50, it is a new blow for motorists who are preparing.

Indeed, to “debit” the city, David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris, explains wanting to remove parking spaces and instead rely on underground car parks. Thus, of the 140,000 surface parking spaces in the city, the town hall wants to remove 70,000. A consultation was even launched on this subject, as for 30 km / h, with the following hook: “What would you do with 10 m² downstairs”. Indeed, at more than 10,000 euros per m2 in certain districts of the capital, it surely has the merit of appealing to certain residents.

Residents can therefore make their proposals to modify these parking spaces. By browsing the list of ideas already submitted, we have already found a few, including: “spaces to make compost at the bottom of the house”, “the sustainability of ephemeral terraces”, “charging stations for bicycles and electric scooters”. In total, the elimination of 70,000 surface spaces could free up around 65 hectares.

To justify this deletion, the town hall explains in its press release that “for short-term use, the cost of parking is generally more advantageous in the street than in underground car parks, with a notable difference between the center and the outlying districts. Beyond two hours, it is more advantageous to park in the basement.”

“The very low prices in the streets dissuade residents from parking in the basement. A single price of around 40 euros per month is very far from the prices charged in the basement, on average 154 euros per month, with high disparities according to the arrondissements “. Thereby, the difference in the price of parking spaces leads to overuse of the streets of Paris.

The capital has about 520,000 underground parking spaces, owned by private companies, and they are far from all occupied. The town hall will also initiate a discussion with the parking managers. “I am optimistic that affordable prices will be offered to some of the customers, especially for residential customers”, says David Belliard.

After December 20, the town hall ensures that neighborhood collectives will be created to discuss the proposals and decide on the future of parking spaces. One thing is certain, however, despite the consultation launched, the 70,000 parking spaces will indeed disappear from the surface of Paris.

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