Parties ask for loss of Chico Rodrigues’ mandate in the Senate

Parties ask for loss of Chico Rodrigues' mandate in the Senate

On Friday (16.out.2020), the Sustainability Network and Citizenship filed a representation on the Senate Ethics Council against the senator Rodrigues boy (DEM-RR). He was caught by the Federal Police with money in his underwear on Wednesday (14.out).

Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) was spotted with money hidden in his underwear in a Federal Police operation

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Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR) was spotted with money hidden in his underwear in a Federal Police operation

“In this case, the abuse of power is evident, inasmuch as there is an allegation of misuse of public funds that only affect the parliamentarian because he is a senator”, justify the parties in the document. Here is the whole (365 KB).

Rodrigues was one of the targets of operation that investigates misuse of resources destined for the Roraima Department of Health to combat the pandemic. Search and seizure warrants were authorized by STF (Supreme Federal Court) Minister Luís Roberto Barroso.

The magistrate determined, on Thursday (15.out), the removal of Chico Rodrigues from the position of senator for 90 days. The case was referred to the Senate, which is responsible for determining whether the congressman leaves office or not. Here is the full decision (238 KB).

The parties claim that the process in the Ethics Council must punish the senator “without losses”To Barroso’s determination.

“Senator Chico Rodrigues’ conduct is subsumed, unequivocally, to the hypotheses of art. 5 of the Code of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum, which is why the application of the penalty of permanent loss of mandate is considered to be rigorous. ”

The cited article says that it does not comply with the ethics and decorum of congressmen, such as the abuse of the prerogatives of the function, the obtaining of undue advantages and the practice of serious irregularities in the performance of the mandate.

In the decision, the STF minister stated that there are “Concrete gravity” in case. The removal, he says, is necessary to prevent the senator from using the office to hinder investigations.


The investigation that led the Federal Police to find money hidden in the senator’s underwear points that the now ex-deputy leader of the Government in the Senate directly influenced the management of Health in Roraima.

According to the PF, the senator commanded a scheme for overpricing contracts between companies with which he was connected and the Roraima Department of Health. He would also have influenced the resignation of the then head of the portfolio, Allan Garcês, in February this year.

“The messages and the exonerations suggest a strong influence of Senator Chico Rodrigues in the Health Secretariat of the State of Roraima, as well as raise the suspicion that this influence was exercised for illicit purposes”says the PF.

The investigation started from a deposition made at the Federal Police headquarters, in Roraima, by 1 civil servant who held the positions of coordinator and director in the General Coordination of Urgency and Emergency of the Secretariat of Health of Roraima in the first months of 2020. He is identified only as Francisvaldo.

According to the testimony, there was involvement of congressmen in fraud in the acquisition of kits for rapid testing of detection of covid-19 and irregularities in the process of buying air conditioning units for a maternity hospital in Rorainópolis (RR).

The alleged criminal scheme would be operated by allocating amounts of parliamentary amendments to companies hired by the government, appointed by the congressmen themselves, who would act through intermediaries.

The amounts diverted would be destined for actions to combat covid-19 in the State, such as the acquisition of kits for testing covid-19.


Senator Chico Rodrigues released a note last Wednesday (October 15), stating that he was not involved in any irregularity. He also said he believed in justice and hoped that “If there are any culprits, let them be punished under the rigors of the law”. Here is the full text:

“I believe in the justice of men and in Divine Justice. For this reason, I am calm with the fact that happened today at my residence in Boa Vista, capital of Roraima. The Federal Police did their part in searching an investigation in which my name was mentioned. However, I had my home invaded for just doing my job as a parliamentarian, bringing resources to combat COVID-19 in the state’s health.

I have a clean past and a decent life. I have never been involved in scandals of any size. If there have been lawsuits against me in the past, it has been proven in court that I am innocent. It is like that in public life, and, during my 30 years in politics, I met many people with malicious intent in order to tarnish my image, especially in a troubled electoral period, as is being the case in our capital.

I say to those who know me: stay calm. I trust in justice and I will prove that I have and have nothing to do with any wrongdoing. I am not an executive, so I am not an ordering officer and, as a legislator, I continue to do my part, bringing resources for Roraima to develop. Let justice be done and that, if there is anyone guilty, let him be punished under the rigors of the law. ”

The report tried to make contact with the deputy Jhonatan de Jesus, but it did not obtain return until the publication of this report. State deputy Jeferson Alves did not answer calls in his office at the Legislative Assembly of Roraima.

The Secretariat of Social Communication of the Government of Roraima stated that it has no specific information about the case and that “maintains a good relationship with all politicians of the State, mainly in relation to the coming of resources to be used for the benefit of the population“. Here is the full text:

“The Secretariat of Social Communication of the Government of Roraima clarifies that it does not have more specific information on the facts in question, since the action is under secret from the courts.

As for the location where the searches took place, Sesau (Secretaria de Saúde) gave full support to the Federal Police during the Desvid-19 operation, providing a copy of the two processes requested by federal agents, which came from parliamentary amendments.

Regarding Operation Desvid-19, the Government of Roraima also informs that no payments have been made in relation to the two processes requested.

One of them, although it has a federal resource budget classification, had its filing requested when the Sesau manager changed, not going beyond the internal phase of administrative acts.

In the other proceeding, the Government took all pertinent administrative measures in relation to suspected irregularities including sending reports to the control bodies. There was no damage to the purse and no supposed diversion at Sesau.

The Government also informs that it maintains a good relationship with all politicians of the State, mainly in relation to the coming of resources to be used for the benefit of the population. ”


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